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Did You Hear That Essay

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There are 3 main types of hearing loss. They are conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss, and central auditory processing disorders. Let's examine all three types.

Conductive hearing loss is what happens when sound can not be conducted efficiently from the middle and outer ear into the inner ear. It is an obstruction of the sound path when sound is blocked and not carried to the inner part of the ear. This commonly happens when something is blocking the ear. Some blockage items are a foreign body, cerumen, and fluid from ear infections, colds, or allergies. Otitis media and otosclerosis can also cause conductive hearing loss. Different types of damage to your ear will cause conductive hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss will result in not being able to hear faint sounds and you will have an overall decline of hearing. This type of hearing loss can be treated through ...view middle of the document...

This hearing loss cannot be treated and is a permanent loss. Sensorinueral hearing loss can occur with conductive hearing loss and is referred to as a mixed hearing loss.

Central auditory processing disorder is more related to a problem with the brain and does not involve hearing loss. It can cause processing disorders but it cannot cause deafness. The reason for this is that central auditory processing disorder affects only one side of the brain while hearing disorders affect both sides of the brain. This disorder makes it harder to distinguish auditory sounds. This is an uncommon disorder and it may cause communication problems.

Hearing loss can be measured by different degrees. If your hearing level is -10db to 15 dB then your hearing is normal. Your hearing decreases the higher the numbers increase. Once you reach 90dB you become deaf. Another way to measure hearing loss is by how much sound you cannot hear. Mild hearing loss is when you cannot hear 25% to 40% of sounds, moderate hearing loss is when you cannot hear 50% to 75% of sounds and severe hearing loss is when you cannot hear 75% to 100% of sounds. Different types of hearing loss include unilateral hearing loss, which means you can only hear out of one ear. Temporary hearing loss is due to loud sounds, ear wax buildup and ear infections. Temporary hearing loss is very easy to correct.

Hearing loss can also be progressive or temporary. If you suspect you have a hearing loss do not delay in consulting your doctor.


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