Difference Class, Difference Job Placement Essay

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Difference Class, Difference Job Placement

It is axiomatic that both economic class and race impact one`s life. Economic class plays a bigger role in determining one`s life more than race. It is difficult for any individual to move up into the upper class, though it seems impossible to transcend the invisible line between the three main economic classes: lower, middle, and upper class respectively. From the interview of C.P.Ellis, conducted by Studs Terkel, Ellis was poor, uneducated and a victim of social structure. Likewise, the movie of “Changing Lanes”, in which Samuel Jackson starred as Doyle Gipson, represents the pain of an average citizen under the growing pressure of financial ...view middle of the document...

[…] I worked my butt off and just never seemed to break even” (Terkel, 400). He was not able to overcome the life of poverty even though he worked seven days a week. To ease family concerns at home, he set his goal to devote himself to the pursuit of family happiness. He stuck himself into daily routines, and just lived with a sense of inferiority without knowing what made him living like that. It confirms that class has significant meaning to determine the living situation, and ultimately, can be possible to happen to the readers.
Doyle, a black man who was an insurance salesman, could not provide his children with a good life. Despite his poor condition, he managed to have an apartment to live together with his family. While rushing on his way to a court-appointed custody hearing, Doyle and Benek accidently intertwined on the highway in New York. Benek, a prosperous attorney was a very visible man who worked in an office surrounded by glass, was also on the way to court to file crucial evidence. As Benek who was a successful attorney, took charge of a big law case, he was excused from his lateness and the judge allowed him to join the trial. On the other hand, Doyle`s tardiness was not accepted, the court ruled in favor of his estranged wife, and he could not prevent his children from getting taken away from him. This trivial aspect that took place in the court shows how class definitely functions in the real world. Not only because of monetary problems, has class resulted in different treatment of for each social level. Through the scene of the court from the movie, class was reflected in living situation for both Doyle and Benek. While the hostility of the two main characters became stronger, leading to immoral actions towards each other, Benek hired a guy to destroy Doyle`s credit, make his status bankruptcy. It shows that the higher class controls the lower class. At the end, they tried to seek harmony and reconciliation from conflict and confrontation regardless of race. The film plays a part of a mirror of society that forms viewers, who want to live a decent fulfilled life, a sense of sympathy that ponders how significant class is.
The educational opportunity is tightly connected with a living situation in terms of class. Because his father died at age of 49, Ellis had to quit school at the age of 17 when he was about eighth grade to take care of his family. Due to being long absent from school, Ellis did not socialize with students his age. Since then, Ellis was forced to give up his life to dedicate himself to others. Compared to the other kids who were rich enough to afford enjoying the school life, Ellis felt relative deprivation. After his father died, Ellis was unable to receive a proper education to take care of his mother and sister and had to join the work force. That became a stumbling block for him, because he was not educated and could only perform manual labor, or unskilled jobs. The loss of the educational opportunity...

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