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Differences Among Colonial Virginia And New England

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Differences Among Colonial Virginia and New England
When analyzing Colonial America you will see a vast difference in each settled colony. There are many factors that differentiate life in colonial New England and life in colonial Virginia. Major differences can be found anywhere from their initial reasons for founding to their patterns of settlement over the years. (McCreight, Karen) Also, many differences can be seen in their “religions, politics, economics, and social issues.” (Hagen, Thomas) Despite their first settlement being founded only thirteen short years apart, Virginia and New England were very different.
The first colony of Virginia, and actually the first English settlement, ...view middle of the document...

(Kelley, Martin)
New England differed vastly from colonial Virginia even though their settlers only arrived a few years before Plymouth was founded in 1620. The Pilgrims actually accidently landed in Plymouth while on the lookout for Virginia. The colonists realized they were out of the government’s restraints and drafted and signed the Mayflower Compact. (Kelley, Martin) The first important sign of difference between Virginia and New England is that New England was founded for religious purposes. They were fleeing their mother countries because of fear of religious persecution. The colonists wanted religious freedom from the Church of England. (McCreight, Karen)
The economy of New England also differed Virginia’s. The colony flourished with fishing, shipbuilding, lumbering, and the fur trade, but they lacked one important good: tobacco. New England was not as fortunate as Virginia and they did not have good farming conditions. New England had thin rocky soil and a shorter growing period. Their farms were often considerably smaller than the vast plantations in Virginia and were mainly to provide for individual families and local...

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