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Differences And Similarities In Hamlet Essay

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Differences and Similarities in Hamlet

(1) Shakespeare’s play Hamlet [Titles] uses character flaws and strong emotions to highlight strengths and weaknesses in his characters. He also uses differences and similarities between characters to force action along the path he intends the story to travel. This technique is called using foils. The likes or dislikes of one character for another can completely alter the direction of the story. For example, love of a son for his father can be twisted and perverted, with the proper use of characters, into an outlet for hatred and revenge. [This is a very nice idea for a thesis, but instead of using Gertrude and Ophelia as foils (See below.), it ...view middle of the document...

However, Laertes would not hesitate to take his revenge quickly. [This is, perhaps, Laertes' most important role as a foil for Hamlet. It should be emphasized more, by showing how Laertes' haste brings Hamlet's procrastination into the sunlight.]

(4) Hamlet and Ophelia had similarities. They were drawn to each other as lovers. Both of them also loved and obeyed the wishes of their fathers. Madness and deception enter into their relationship. Hamlet acts mad as part of his plot of revenge on Claudius. Hamlet drives Ophelia mad by rejecting her and killing her father, Polonius.

(5) They differ when Ophelia tries to understand Hamlet’s intentions toward her as a lover. He denies any feelings toward her at all. She knows this to be untrue she feels helpless in the face of Hamlet’s rejection. [RO] Hamlet uses Ophelia as a "whipping post" representing the corruption of womankind, when he says to Ophelia to ["?]go to a nunnery" to her. Hamlet was expressing his disgust with women in general as he lashed out at her. After Ophelia’s death[,] Hamlet regrets using her this way. [Paragraphs four and five should be combined with a revised topic sentence. They are both too short. Also, how do these two paragraphs relate to the thesis -- the idea that a son's love can be twisted and perverted into an outlet for hatred and revenge?]

(6) Hamlet and his mother Gertrude both loved King Hamlet. They loved each other as...

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