Differences Between American Culture And Korean Culture

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The Difference between American Culture and Korean Culture
The topic that I chose for the long research project is cultural differences between Korean culture and American culture. My objectives in this research paper are to demonstrate how foreigners feel isolated and depressed when they move to other places. Furthermore, people have to adapt to a new lifestyle. By this, I make a point that is not worth criticizing a country because it will be the country where you will spend a part of your life; basically you have to get accustomed to new cultures. However, you have to overcome obstacles that you will face while you are living there. Furthermore, I relate this experience with one of mine ...view middle of the document...

At the beginning, I liked it because I am person who likes to eat in quantity but I realized that was unhealthy and my body mass was increasing. A friend from LA, James, says, “The amount of food they give you is absurd”. I agree with him because all of that food ends up being a waste. In Korea we cannot leave food because it shows a lack of respect to waste food. Finally, this has been the main issue for many foreigners since the food is not the same as in their cultures. For example, in the article “Differences between Korean Food Culture and American Food Culture” the author says, “Korean foods are made based on the health like slow food, such as kimchi; however, most of American foods have high amount of calories. It caused some diseases, such as obesity, and heart disease.” (Lee) Americans might think it is tasty for them but for foreigners is a nightmare to eat unhealthy food which harms your body. In addition, there are many differences between the US and Korean eating customs. First of all, Koreans eat rice and hot soup with five or six side dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On the other hand, Americans usually have simple meals like bread and fast food for breakfast and lunch and eat meat for dinner. Also, another difference is that people in the US use forks and knives to eat their food; however, people in Korea use chopsticks and spoons instead. One of the things that I hated the most is that some Americans blow their nose or sneeze during the meal, which in Korea is considered impolite. What we usually do is leave the table because it is dirty and rude when people are sharing a table with you. Also, the person with the oldest age at the table always eats first in Korea. It is very impolite to start a meal when the oldest person has not started eating. Second, family relationships are very crucial in the United States. Most of my American friends have problems with their parents. For example, in the article “Family Relations: An International Comparison” the author says, “Americans are twice as likely to have “disharmonious” relationships”. (Span) Most of them are independent and they just want to live away from their parents. In my case, I have a strong relationship with my family because I really care about them and I always want to live with my family. Furthermore, I saw many friends that just want to be alone because they do not want someone to control their lives, even their parents. For example, while living at FIDM Housing I had an American roommate that every time his mom called him, he reacted in a negative way like shouting at her or cursing her. In addition, if I were in the same situation with my parents, I would probably be kicked out of my house. The reason is because I am being disrespectful to an adult, which in Korea is offensive. The Korean ideology is that family is priority no matter what happens. When I came here, I realized that Americans are very sensitive and get angry easily. In addition, something that...

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