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Discuss the relationship between CSR and PR and analyze the ethical issues that arise. How may practitioners ensure their CSR programs are more than just rhetoric?

"Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large".(Lord Holme and Richard Watt-Making good business sense)
CSR has become a relevent issue in the business field. Nowdays people judge a companys reputation with the way how they deal with their social and environmental responsibilities. Sevral studies revealed that ...view middle of the document...

Yet, other firms might demonstrate CSR to employees by adopting humanistic management practices, such as offering paid maternity leave, flex-time or work-at home arrangements (Journal of Business Ethics _ Springer 2010
DOI 10.1007/s10551-010-0608-9)

Public relations is a means to achieve mutual adjustment between institutions and groups establishing smoother relationships that benefit the public•(PRSA)

PR is communicating with all stakeholders and public of an orgainization.It is more concerned on promoting positive image of the organization in thhe eyes of public. It aims basically to present your company in the best light. On the other hand CSR too is concerned with creating good image and relationships with the stakeholders but that is not the sole objective of CSR. CSR makes sure that an organization works responsibly and ethically with in the stipulted regulatory framework so that it offers support to the society and environment in which it operates and takes from.

“PR is tantamount to “greenwashing the sins of the company”. And CSR guides the company away from making sins.” Said by Mathew Rochte

In my opinion both PR and CSR are concerned with reputation building of an organization. PR does it through telling the people directly what good organization is doing or has done. And on the other hand CSR does it with experience .As in how individual percieves an organization based on its experience with the organization.
Both PR and CSR theories emphasize the importance of business organizations and pay attention to their stakeholders or publics, not just their shareholders and profits. This can be observed form various PR literatures.


PR, Stakeholders theories and CSR therefore are related in many ways:

They all focus on the relationship between organisations and society (or various publics or stakeholders)
(Freeman, 1984)
Hooghiemstra (2000); and Golob and Bartlett (2007) offered corporate communication as a model for organisation to use CSR reporting as a strategy to legitimise their activities.
Grunig and Hunt (1984, p.48); and Golob and Barlett (2007) suggested that PR is the practice of social
responsibility and that social responsibility has become a major reason for companies to employ communicators.
Argenti (2007) includes CSR as a part of corporate communication or PR function.
(L’Etang J journal of business ethics)
CSR falls under the remit of Public Relations (PR) practitioners in their 'boundary spanning role' (described by Systems theory e.g. Grunig and Hunt, 1984).
“Corporate social responsibility and public relations are two separate actions which should be evaluated independently”.
Corporate social responsibility has become important to public relations because such programs offer the opportunity to build good will by promoting the benefits of the company to its stakeholders. In addition to its advisory management role
public relations also provides the techniques to...

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