Differences Between The Poor And Rich Countries

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Differences between the poor and rich countries

World is divided into two unequal parts; the first part contains countries that having stable and good economy while the other part contains counties that are suffering of bad and unstable economics. Thus, there are poor counties and rich ones and without any doubt there are some factors for inequality between rich and poor counties. Can these factors be age, availability of natural resources, education system, or attitude?

In fact, the age of the country is illogical factor because if we consider the age, Egypt and India are supposed to be rich countries since both are more than 2000 year old but both counties are classified as poor countries. On the other hand, comparing with countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand that have only 150 years old and their economy is very high; as a result, they are classified as rich countries.

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In addition, in its little territory they raise animals and plant the soil during four months per year in order to get benefits of different resources. Furthermore, they produce dairy products for the best quality. Switzerland is a small country that transmits an image of security, order and labour, which made it the world's strong life.

Other important factors that must to be taken into consideration are the education system and attitude of people; these two factors can not be separated as both are important factors for development. As an example, Egypt has undeveloped education system which is a nightmare. Students spend years, more than 15 years, to study a lot of subjects and not use what they study in the future. Accordingly, it leads to have unskilled workers who are not able to deal with the high-tech. While in USA, for example, the education system gives variety of choices to learn subjects for life that will be used in the future which increases the demand for highly skilled workers in high-tech industries.

Likewise, the attitude factor; on analyzing the behaviour of people in rich and developed countries, we can discover that the great majority of their people are using good principles in their lives. Principles such integrity, responsibility, respect to the law and rules, respect to the right of other citizens, work loving, strive for saving and investing and will of super action are major to any country that need to be classified as rich and developed. On the contradictory side, in poor countries, only minority follow these principles in their daily life.

Finally, we can figure out that the age, availability of natural resources are not most important factors for inequality among countries. But, I believe that the crucial factors are education and attitude as both are the main resources of a country development. On the other side, country that gives priority to education, following principles in their lives, establish good management, maintain and implement good long term plans for its resources whether limited or unlimited deserves to be classified as developed country.

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