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Different Levels Of State And Federal Prisons

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Different Levels of State and Federal Prisons


Prison is the place where convicted criminals will go to atone for what the crimes they have committed. Anyone who must serve for a year or more will be sent to a state prison. An example of a state prison would be Minnesota’s prisons. Minnesota have the reputation of locking up dangerous criminals. Instead of holding prisoners, many offenders are put on probation while providing prison space to hold violent criminals (Foster, 2006). Each year state prisons population have gradually increased. The cause for the growth in prison was the “get-tough” era which sent more people and kept them in prison for longer periods ...view middle of the document...

It is said about only 12 percent of prisoners are held here. While the maximum security is the highest known security, there is a supermax security which is much higher than maximum security. Supermax prisons are isolated and is permanently lockdown. Only less than two percent American prisoners are locked in the supermax prisons (Foster, 2006). Close-high-security is the next security level. To some states, this is their maximum prison. The security here is less restrictive and about 16 percent of inmates are held here. Medium security is not as restrictive as maximum security. Inmates with the least amount of risk or danger are housed here and they make up the 35 percent of prisoners. As the name states, minimum security is a security level where prisoners are not considered a big threat. It holds about 31 percent of prisoners. While the security level is minimum, there is a fence to prevent prisoners from escaping. Open security facility have the very little or no security. This facility have no armed guards and makes up about five percent of Inmates. To escape, you can just walk out. If you are caught, you will be sent to maximum prison as an escape risk.

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