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Different Management Aspect In Trust Bank & One Bank

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|Aspects |ONE Bank Ltd [OBL] |Trust Bank Ltd [TBL] |
|Physical design: Both are third generation Bank, operating in Bangladesh for more than 14 years. |
|OBL’s head office is located at Kawran Bazar. It has 73 branches |TBL’s head office is located at Kawran Bazar and 88 branches including service|
|including service centers are at different places of the country.|centers are at different places of the country. Out of 88 branches, 13 |
|All branches are located at commercial viable places. |branches are cantonment based considering ...view middle of the document...

It |
|as well as head office. It deals with corporate and renowned |mostly deals with army persons and retail customers. Besides, they also deal |
|client of the country, allows credit facilities on the basis of |with corporate and large customers with comparatively lesser than OBL. TBL |
|requirement and more concentrated on the business of its client. |concentration to allow credit facilities is collateral basis. They always try |
|Employees serve with enthusiasm with having well dressed. Most of|to collateralize credit facilities at maximum level rather emphasizing more on|
|the officers are graduated from country’s top level of |customer’s business. Employees serve with enthusiasm with having well dressed.|
|universities. The slogan of the organization is “Doing right |Employees are graduated from country’s top level of universities. The slogan |
|things first and first time right” and is placed in a prominent, |of the Bank is “Serving with smile”. Credit rating of the Bank is AA-, carries|
|easily viewable position for its employees. Credit rating of the |risk weight of 20% on risk weighted assets. |
|Bank is AA-, carries risk weight of 20% on risk weighted assets. | |
|Policies and activities: |
|Bank arranges campaign on both deposit and loan round the year. |No campaign and rewarding systems are available for the employees. Bank has |
|Campaign winners are reward with the gift, certificate, crest |huge deposit back up from Bangladesh Army as Army welfare Trust owns major |
|based on their performance. Besides, bank has regular promotion |shareholding [60%]. However, some employees solicit deposits and loans for the|
|and increment system for the employees. An employee will be |Bank, which add value during promotion. Bank has regular promotion and |
|eligible for promotion just after completion of one year, i.e. |increment system for the employees. An employee will be eligible for promotion|
|from January to December, subject to employee’s performance. ...

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