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As a prospective teacher I have always tried to look for fun and exciting things to do in class. This unit has opened me up to some new methods of using art with my students. It is important to be open to such techniques as they help to shape and introduce students to new methods of self-expression.
Journal 1: 25-10-3013
During the first lecture we ‘hand building’ techniques such as the Pinch-pot technique and the Slab-technique respectively. The Pinch-pot technique had a rather straight forward process. One started by cutting a medium sized piece and formed it into a ball using finger palm pressure. Then using the thumb one pinched the ball from the middle, Moreover, ...view middle of the document...

In fact, one attempted to apply a number of patterns however, through trial and error one settled with a rather simplistic pattern. The instructions given were appropriate and simplistic as well as easy to follow.
In this work it seemed appropriate to stay within the theme of nature since the pot was done in such a way. Therefore, the shape designed was that of a butterfly with the slab consisting of two designs on the outer sections which match the designs present on the pot.
Journal 2: 1-11-13
In my personal opinion the second session was more interesting, due to the fact that I had never experimented with mono-printing and collagraphy. Therefore, I was increasingly keen to try out both techniques. The first one that we tackled was collagraphy, since we were told previously to get a number of materials with different textures we were able to make the picture unique. We were instructed to cut out different patterns from the materials and stick them onto a piece of cardboard creating any design that we saw fit. Then we Painted over it and translated the image onto a paper using a roller.
After we moved on to monoprinting which in my opinion was the most interesting technique out of the four. We mixed two or three different colours on a piece of straight glass, then we reduced the thickness of the colours by rolling them against the glass. After we managed to get the correct consistency, we put a blank piece of paper onto the coloured glass, were we the then drew a picture of anything we desired using our fingers. The force used to shape the pattern allowed the colour to be transferred onto the blank sheet. Both pieces were then left to dry.
Overall, I felt that both sessions were quite interesting and helped to widen my view on the art techniques that can be used with students of all ages.
1. Pinch Pots
The pinch pot method is done by first forming a lump of clay into a smooth sphere that should fit the size of one’s hand. This techniques is similar to the way the Native Americans shaped clay to make their pots. While holding the ball of clay, the thumb should be used to press into the center of the ball, mid-way to the bottom. While revolving the ball in one hand, the walls should be pushed out with the thumb from the inside and the fingers on the outside. (lakesidepottery.com) Pinch pots are some of the oldest archeological artifacts that have been found.  A number of civilizations used pinch pots for everyday functional use, this is also true in modern times.  
A rather popular artist associated with this method is Maria Martinez, she was born in 1881 in New Mexico. Martinez was first introduced to pottery by her aunt who had taught her the ancient tradition of making pottery. She then continued to make pottery even though it was not needed as much since people were then introduced to using tin and porcelain. Martinez was fond of collected clay from special places such as mountains that were considered to be...

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