Different Types Of Communication Plan Essay

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Communication Plan

Communication Plan
I am a teacher. I believe my primarily goal is to teach the students the content they need in order to be successful and well prepared for the next school year. In that process, effective parent and student communication is critical to attaining that goal. The focus of this plan is on fostering those relationships (Meltzo, 2001).
In this particular time, we are working with a different kind of parent. Parents are busy and, at times, overwhelmed. Schools inundate parents with weekly paperwork sent home from the PTO, the office, and various other sources. I have observed in the past 4-5 years, that much of ...view middle of the document...

Scheduled for 5:30.

Personal Emails, Phone calls, or Notes
Timeline: On-going
* These are individualized communications.
* These will be based on the parent’s preferred mode of communication as indicated on the parent questionnaire.
* They will be used, as needed, to provide parents with academic, social, or behavioral concerns or accolades.

Set up a Group Email Parent Folder
Timeline: August
* No personal names will be identifiable in the address section of the email.
* This tool will be used to send brief tidbits of information to parents throughout the year. Example: There will be a sub on Friday.
Set up a Teacher Website
Timeline: August
* This website will have information on it which relates to curriculum timeline, links supporting the curriculum, other curriculum supporting information (i.e. PowerPoint), informative parenting articles, and such.
Progress Reports
Timeline: Ongoing
* These will be sent home each Friday with a succinct note on conduct, homework completion, and personal notes related to academic performance.
“Happy Notes” (Maggin, Oliver, Partin, Robertson, & Wehby, 2010)
Timeline: Ongoing
* These are sent home randomly. These are hand written or computer generated notes detailing a positive occurrence that the student had in the classroom that day. There will need to be a master sheet identifying who was awarded notes to ensure that they are equitable.

Standard Based Report Cards (Graham-Clay, 2005)
Timeline: Every nine weeks based on the county’s calendar
* These are report cards based on the Georgia Performance Standards.
* Specific comments made on each report card.
Face to Face Conferences (Lacina, 2011)
Timeline: Ongoing
* These will be offered after each report card or upon request by either the teacher or parent.
Parent In-services
Timeline: January - May
* PowerPoint in-services with students and parents.
* Microsoft Word in-services with students and parents.
* These are designed to give parents and students a basic introduction to PowerPoint and Word programs. Maneuvering and searching for learning websites will be covered as well. These in-services provide an avenue for kids to further independently explore their learning.

End of the Year Party and Slide Show
Timeline: May
* Individual student awards are given out at this time – every student gets...

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