Differentiation Vs. Tracking Essay

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Meredith Gray
Ms. Dallas
English 1301
10 December 2014
Differentiation vs. Tracking
The debate concerning differentiation and tracking has always been discussed amongst teachers, parents and even students alike. Unlike tracking, which separates the students into their respective levels of intelligence, allowing for personalized instruction that will ultimately benefit every student, differentiation pulls all students together in one standard classroom, mixing the strong students with the weak and preventing the stronger ones from reaching their full academic potential.
With differentiation, there is a limited amount of adequate content for the more advanced learners. Although this ...view middle of the document...

Distinctly different from differentiation, tracking allows for all students to learn the right content for their level of intelligence by separating them out into three types of classes: remedial, regular and honors (Advanced Placement). However, over the past two decades, this practice has virtually disappeared and has caused people to shy away from sharing what their opinion is on the trade-offs. Take, for instance, the Advanced Placement classes.
What was once meant as a class reserved only for the best of the best is now a free-for-all due its open-admission policies. Because of this, teachers have had to lower their high standards in order to accommodate for the ones who really should not be in an advanced class. Because of this, the more advanced students will never be able to learn at a level at which they can reach their full potential. This is the biggest problem with differentiation. Although some might believe grouping the students by their academic ability is “unfair, discriminatory and...

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