Difficult Courses Essay

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Difficult Courses
Throughout the years people in schools will take both easy and difficult courses. How do we tell the difference between the tough and easy? To what might be an easy course to some students could be a difficult one for many other, and vise versa. People have different interests, which make a certain classes easier or harder on them. Who is to decide what classes are the best ones for us to take? It is not always that the difficult classes, or even the easiest classes, are the best for us. The courses that people need to take are the ones that are needed for his or her future. Difficult classes could be best for us, but that all depends on what people need.

In the four years that students are in high school or college, there are certain classes that they are required to take. Some of these classes could be difficult on the students, but does that mean they will help the students the ...view middle of the document...

If students have a certain career choice, it could require them to take an easier course. It would be these easier courses that would lead them farther in the direction they want to take. For example, a person could be really good at art, leading him or her to be an artist. Reaching for this career will require him or her to take art classes that are not as challenging. Even if people take the more difficult courses just because people say those are the best, it would not benefit those students pursuing are certain career. They should take the courses they need, even if they are the easier ones.
No one can really say which classes are the best for someone. The classes a student chooses to take, depending on their ability, could be easier or more challenging. The reason for taking an easier course could also be because the student is taking many other higher and difficult classes. This year in eleventh grade I am taking two science classes, honors chemistry and AP Biology. Honors chemistry, which I have found, is much more difficult for me than AP Biology. This is because chemistry requires more math work, which is not my strongest suit. The other science course is easier for me because it requires more memorization and is something I’m also more interested in. Studying a difficult course will give you more practice in something that needs improving, but taking an easier one could also help just as much.
The best courses for a student are not always the difficult ones, as people might claim. Difficult courses could provide more practice towards a certain subject, but might not always be useful in the future. Having an easier course could help in getting a higher GPA, or just fly through school. Besides flying someone’s way through school, it
could lead them toward our future careers. Also, if a certain course it easier for some, does not mean they should not take it. This class could be something they are very in- terested in, making it easier for them. Difficult classes are not always going to be what a person needs. Having an easier course could just be more beneficial to someone in the long run; it all depends on what they want to do in the future.

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