Diffrences And Similarties Between Stalin And Hitler

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Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union have similarities and differences between them. Both political systems followed an authoritative form of government, with one dictator ruling the entire country. In Nazi Germany, Hitler was the dictator, and his political system was known as National Socialism. Hitler rose to power through a nationalist drive to restore Germany after World War 1. In the Soviet Union, Stalin was the dictator in charge of a Totalitarian form of government that rose to power following the Bolshevik Revolution. Both systems were ruthless when it came to eliminating political enemies, but Stalin’s system of government outlasted Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Both ...view middle of the document...

Hitler sought to end Democracy in Germany and place himself as sole dictator. His form of government was known as National Socialism because of the popularity he had amongst the German people and the control the government had over the lives of the people. At this point, Hitler gained public support by giving jobs to many German citizens. However, many of these jobs were simply to fuel his growing war machine (Britannica). Hitler’s rule came to an end when he committed suicide prior to being captured.

Joseph Stalin rose to power following the Bolshevik Revolution, and was the general secretary of the Communist party in 1922. After the death of Lenin in 1924, Stalin outmaneuvered his rivals to become sole dictator of the Soviet Union (BBC). Stalin ruled on a totalitarian system of government. He caused rapid industrialized growth at the expense of agricultural preservation, and as a result millions of people starved to death under his rule. He also ruthlessly purged the country of political dissenters and enemies of the state. Stalin is known as the most murderous dictator in history (BBC). Stalin died march 5, 1953 from a stroke. His Soviet Union saw the rise and fall of Hitler’s National Socialist Germany.

Stalin’s Totalitarianism and Hitler’s National Socialism have similarities and differences. One of the main similarities between the two is their use of authoritative government to control their people. Hitler and Stalin both tried to wrestle law making powers away from the people into their own hands. Both Stalin and Hitler also sought to eliminate political enemies. Both Hitler and Stalin were...

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