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Diffrenent Theories Of Media Essay

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The mass media has touched every sphere of human aspect. Mass media has now become an essential part of our routine life. The television in living room, the newspaper on doorstep, the radio in car. Computers at work, mobile phones in pockets are just few of media channels daily delivering advertisements, news opinion, music and other forms of mass communication.
Media in Pakistan are now independent with the passage of time. There are number of news channels that have maximum coverage throughout the country. As Pakistan is democratic state in which each and every person has freedom of speech. Yes, there is freedom of speech but freedom after speech is doubted. Which shows that the press is ...view middle of the document...

On one hand electronic media direct social change and values but at the same time media encompasses lot of authorities, especially in Pakistan in political campaigns the candidates that can pay more T.V and media exposure have more influence on public opinion and thus can receive more votes for example after the death of EX Prime minister Benazir Bhutto Pakistan people party suddenly got popularity and took advantage of the emotions of people through media and got highest votes

Media has captivating power and has ability to change the minds and ideologies of people about certain issue through advertisements, text messages, radio reports TV programs and magazine messages MUSSHARAF CALLS NAWAS TOTALLY BRAINLESS: BIRMINGIM, such type of headlines leaves everlasting effect on the minds of people, hence media has ability to control the minds and thinking of the common man. Media should be unbiased and responsible, extra freedom may cause fuss in the society, as media is 4th pillar of state so it should be extra responsible and highly sensitive towards its duties as discussed in social responsibility theory.
As far as the situation of mass media is concern there are number political talk shows and debates on all news...

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