Digital Equity Essay

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Digital Equity

Marco Ricciardi
Grand Canyon University
Jeff Cunningham
May 13, 2012

3–1. What are the anticipated shifts in service utilization due to consumer health information seeking?

Majority of consumers in the world with the use of the internet and increase of digital technology has impacted the changes in health service utilization and health care delivery system. Consumers seeking health information online has affected services in ...view middle of the document...

The authors of that article also stated that “Consumers’ increased financial responsibility for health care likely plays an important role in their motivation to seek more health information, particularly about treatment options and costs” (.Ha T. Tu, Genna R. Cohen, 2008). The use of the internet continues to grow rapidly and it represents a valuable tool to engage consumers to seek health information to improve consumer empowerment, reduce social isolation and medical findings to identify mental illness, symptoms, and medical conditions. The most critical way to influence consumers in service utilization regarding consumer health information seeking is by improving emotional social support and empowerment.

3–2. How are these shifts likely to differ among the population being targeted by DCPCA?

District of Columbia Primary Care Association, (DCPCA) along with their federal government has released a new regional health information organization (RHIO) and it is designed to improve care delivery encouraging its shift meaningful use of health information technology (HIT). DCPCA, is a leader in the health care community and their mission goal in the health care reform is to accomplish health equity for the poor, uninsured, and underserved residents in District of Columbia. There focus in the healthcare reform, is to invest funding to adopt health information technology that include electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical records (EMR), and Electronic Health Exchange. The District of Columbia government of the implementation toward the reform through the HITECT Act, has funded $11,000,000 to improve health care services among the population through access to patient shared clinical information and clinical outcomes across health care organizations. DCPCA plan in the reform, states “In 2009 health care reform asked us to do three things: (1) Improve the health of the population at large; (2) enhance the patient experience; and (3) reduce the per capita cost of care” (Sharon Baskerville, 2011).

3–3. Describe the emerging trends in consumer health information seeking.

The recent commonly known emerging trends in a world of advanced digital technology and increase of old population, involves the growing source in consumer health information seeking, use of the internet and web technology. Consumers that seek health information on the internet , with the use of web-based interface technology has changed the way how adults and elderly think and feel about diseases and conditions, just by the way it is presented and displayed on the health service websites. This affects their decision making to think twice about trusting a health information source on the internet or elsewhere and also makes it difficult for them to make informed decisions about their medical choices to ask questions or advice to a doctor about their health concerns. The emerging internet and web-based technology trends, which consumers seek health...

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