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Digital Library Essay

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In Partial Fulfillment to the Requirements of Database Management System 2


Submitted to:
Prof. Carlo Inovero

Submitted by:
Jerome P. Quinalayo

September 25, 2014

Chapter 1
a. Introduction
Digital Libraries are being created today for diverse communities and in
different fields e.g. education, science, culture, development, health,
governance and so on. With the availability of several free digital Library
software packages at the recent time, the creation and sharing of
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Thus, digital technologies overcome many of the physical and economic limitations of traditional libraries.
c. Conceptual Framework

d. Statement of the Problem
Users prefer to ose internet to search information because of time consuming and the cost effectiveness. Furthermore the hypertext and hypermedia concept brings to massive information. In this context, digital library is significant as an alternative in searching information.
Does the available digital library definitions are comprehensive?
Does the academic librarians in Philippines really understand depth the concept of digital library?

Chapter 2
Related Studies and Literature

Chapter 3
DATABASE/DBMS Solution to the computing problem Applications of your emerging in Database
Before defining Digital Libraries, we introduce several fundamental assumptions:
· The digital libraries are not a bounded, uniform collection of information.
· There will be increasing diversity of information and service providers.
· There is more than just searching in digital libraries.
Especially we should notice the last point. the main activities of users
can be classified into five categories: locating and selecting among relevant sources,
retrieving information from them, interpreting what was retrieved, managing the filtered-out
information locally, and sharing results with others. These activities are not necessarily
sequential, but are repeated and interleaved. Users can move freely in the circle to get their
work done. In general, users will be involved in multiple tasks at the same time. They will
need to move back and forth among these tasks and among the five areas of activity. They
need to find, analyze, and understand information of varying genres. They need to re-organize
the information to use it in multiple contexts, and to manipulate it in collaboration with
colleagues of different backgrounds and focus of interest.
The main activities of digital library users.
There is no single definition for Digital Libraries. The definition evolves as research
progresses and we learn more about digital libraries. Some of the current definitions are:
· Digital libraries are systems that combine the machinery of digital computing, storage
and communication, the content, and software needed to reproduce, emulate, and extend
the services of collecting, cataloging, finding and disseminating information offered by
traditional libraries based on paper and other materials. A full service digital library must
not only fulfill all essential services provided by traditional libraries but also make good
use of the advantages of digital technology.
· Digital libraries are viewed as systems providing a community of users with coherent
access to a large, organized repository of information and...

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