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The media of mass communication have long played a fundamental role in people’s

lives. The media informs, persuades, entertains, and even sells. For the most part;

mass media is only owned by a few private companies, as we learned in the “media

ownership” discussion. According to the “Telecommunications Act of 1996,”, this act

was to spawn some competition the broadcast companies. It also eased the restrictions

on the number of television stations one individual company can own. The media,

controlled by power corporations and government organizations, has positioned itself to

influence people in all manner of ways, but no one group controls the system as a

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Media literacy is defined as developing a critical understanding of how mass

media operates and being able to read the messages behind the media images.

“Ones means to negotiate the power that the media has over you is to develop

cultural literacy skills”(Fechio, 1998)

According to Gerbner (2000), media literacy involves three distinct skills:

First, media consumers must be able to identify the techniques used to

create the images that are perceived to be real. The understanding of how reality

television show producers use visual images, music, lighting, camera angles, and

the editing process to influence media images.

Second, media consumers must come to understand that the media

businesses are geared toward earning profits.

Third, media consumers must learn to recognize how specific mass media

images project particular ideologies (e.g., cultural superiority) and values (e.g.,

ethnocentrism).(Gerbner, 2000)

There are some driving forces that focus public attention on the issue of digital

convergence. These include the digitalization of media and information technology,

worldwide deregulation trends, changes in technology, merger, acquisition activities,

and the search for new markets. Understanding the effects of the media on individuals.

It required that we examine the message that is being sent to the owners of the media

and the audience. These effects can be cognitive. Behavioral, psychological and

attitudinal. There are some theoretical approaches that need to be examined in the

media, to include functional analysis, cultivational analysis, agenda, the uses and

gratifications, and social bearing.

The review of existing research shows some evidence that people depend on

television news for public affairs information and are more likely to have negative

attitudes toward government. "There is a number of driving forces that focus public

attention on the issue, including the digitalization of media and information technology,

worldwide deregulation trends, changes in technology (most notably the Internet),

merger and acquisition activities, and the search for new market".(Gershon 2012)

The media, controlled by power corporations and government organizations, has

positioned itself to influence people in all manner of ways, but no one group controls the

system as a whole.

Convergence can mean the merger of people, resources, media technologies,

content, and industries. Media convergence is the merging (or joining) of previously

distinct media to create entirely new forms of communication expression.

Henry Jenkins, a professor at USC, described convergence as the relationship

between media convergence and user empowerment. He (Jenkins) states that

“Convergence requires media companies to rethink old assumptions about what it

means to consume media,...

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