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Dilemma At Devil's Den Essay

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Case :19 Dilemma at Devil’s Den
MGT 285
Jesus Gomez

1. What problems has Susan identified with the night shift operations of the Devil’s Den? How well does the management team perform such strategy execution processes as competency building, shaping the culture, instituting policies and procedures, establishing control system, developing reward and discipline systems, and exhibiting ethical leadership?
Susan identified several problems. The employees from the snack bar are taking advantage of the poorly managed snack bar. Employees are allowing their friends to take free food and employees themselves are taking large amounts when they leave their shift. The storage ...view middle of the document...

No manager in the snack bar institutes policies towards the employees. By allowing employees that start working with no experience and no training move up into management, this causes poor instituting policies, poor control systems, pool discipline systems, and poor leadership.
2. What is Susan’s dilemma? What seems to influence her perception and behavior? What seems to influence her perception and behavior? What seems to influence the perceptions and behaviors of other Devil’s Dem employees?
The issues that the snack bar is having primarily deals with ethics and individual’s personal and the way it affects their perceptions and actions. A lot of bad issues are happening in the snack bar that employees, managers and even customers know about, but no punishment is ever demonstrate. Susan is a student employee who is caught between a wish to do what she thinks is right. She wants to take some steps to stop from food being taken off the snack bar that hasn’t been paid for. But she fear that there will be negative consequences if she takes such action. She would also like to see all the employees work harder and finish what is assigned to them on the night shift, and be punished for stealing from the cash register. Susan feels she has a responsibility to report the unethical situation and poorly managed snack bar. She is influenced by management decision to ignore what is happening. She realizes that the owners may not be aware of what’s going on but wants to focus on her future promotions to managers and direct authority of the students that are stealing. Susan believes that with a supervisor position she...

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