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Dimension Essay

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Internal Dimensions
The Internal Dimension of Diversity consists of a set of internal dimensions that are referred to as surface-level dimensions. These dimensions, for the most part, are not within our control, but they strongly influence our attitudes and expectations and assumptions about others, which, in turn, influence our behavior (Kreitner, 2006). Age, Gender, Sexual orientation, physical ability, ethnicity, and race, are all a part of internal dimension layer. Stereotypes are often derived from these surface level dimensions; the stereotypes are often carried from one generation to the next and can create great divisions between people. This section will focus on three of the ...view middle of the document...

Baby Boomers, while sharing a certain degree of their parents’ value of hard work, didn't adapt to the Matures' focus on the good of the whole and delayed gratification of the individual. The Boomers leaned more towards instant gratification and the fulfillment of the self and its desires (Seniors, 2009). Boomers place a great value on personal development, education, communications, and know how to accomplish goals through team efforts. They are a generation who didn’t want for much, but made many contributions to society and the work environment. [edit]

Generation X’ers had even more material things available to them, but lacked the family environment that both the Maters and Boomers experienced. Generation X, often left on their own, either literally or emotionally, by parents following their paths to self-fulfillment in their careers and lives. They tend to be a self-reliant set, skilled at working independently and comfortable with moderns concepts, such as racial, gender, and sexual diversity, and modern technologies (Seniors, 2009). X’ers know how to take care of themselves, they are entrepreneurial and are less likely to feel deep loyalty to the organization where they work. There world is global and opportunities are endless.


The oldest members of Generation Y are now entering the workforce, raised by parents that have often been much more child-centered than perhaps their own Baby Boomer parents were. These workers tend to have confidence in themselves, demonstrate a high degree of comfort with diversity and technology, and share their Mature predecessor’s concepts of civic duty and social responsibility, albeit with a modern, global twist (Seniors, 2009). The down fall of Generation Y is there sense of entitlement. They come from a time when everyone on the sports team gets a trophy and everyone, regardless of skill level can play on the team. There is some concern that entitlement will be an issue that employers will need to understand and control.

All four generations have an equal value to the organizations of today. The Xs and Ys with their entrepreneurial sprit and acceptance of global diversity will learn the work ethics of the Boomers and Matures by working side-by-side with them. This will lead to a more powerful workforce.

Gender is divided into two categories, women and men. In the past, all women in the workplace were automatically assigned to temporary or part-time or low responsibility jobs because it was understood that their first priority was taking care of their families. Unmarried women were likely to quit as soon as they married (often to an up-and-coming executive in the company), and married women were likely to quit as soon as they became pregnant. Women with children were understood to care more about the children than about work (Gender, 2009). In addition, there was a widespread belief that women were not as capable as men, either physically...

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