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Diploma Management Use And Develop Systems That Promote Communication 1

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F/602/2335 use and develop systems that promote communications

1.1 As home manager I communicate with several groups of individuals. These include the following:
* Managers
* Hotel service workers including laundry and maintenance
* Service users
* Care staff
* External services
* Regulatory bodies
* Training sources,
* Commercial firms to name a few
When I deal with managers I empower them and get them to problem solve this can be with meetings, training, and using memos. Most of the time it is done by verbal communication and getting them to problem solve and fact finding. My communication with them is on a different level than dealing with care ...view middle of the document...

External providers that I communicate include compliance CQC service providers, commercial and many other contacts, most of these are professional people and therefore need to have confidence in my abilities. My communication style changes with them I ensure my governance shows that we are compliant, care plans are appropriate to the residents needs and show that we are compliant. Communication takes several forms, documented, meetings, visual instruction along with body language. These people are professionals so I ask questions and use verbal exclamations to ensure they understand the message I need to convey.
Effective communication is a must in my role to ensure the person I am talking to understands, the discussion or instructions clearly. Explain how to support effective communication within own job role. In my job role as manager it is important to have good communication skills
which will develop positive relationships and share information with people using the services to ensure the best outcome for the service user and for my members of staff.
I need to communicate well with service user’s families, carers, colleagues and
other professionals on a daily basis. I use several different forms of communication within my role. Interpersonal skills enable me to interact with another person successfully.
Having good communication skills are vital for working in this role as they help to develop positive relationships with service users and their families and friends to understand and meet their needs.This enables me to build positive working relationships with work colleagues and other professionals. This also gives me the tools to share information with people using my services by providing and receiving information, which enables me to report and plan on the work I do with other people.I use various methods of communication. One  –to-one.

communication. I use this form of communication daily in my job role. An example of this is would be between myself and a service user, myself and an Occupational Therapist in relation to the needs of a service user, or when speaking to senior carer to discuss a service user. This can be done in person or over the telephone verbally. I may also use non-verbal communication; this may be by email or by writing down and reporting during regular meetings to discuss care needs of service users, which may involve letters or reports to all parties involved. By holding regular meetings the relationships are strengthened, building trust and the ability to talk openly and honestly. Another form of non-verbal communication is text message which I may use to contact carers who are out visiting the service users. This may be needed to get messages to them quickly without disrupting the visit that they are doing at the time of contact. Another form of communication is by being positive and reading people’s body
language and facial expressions to listen and understand their feelings. This is very...

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