Diploma Safety Management Final Test Essay

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In your own words summarise the major learning points from the whole of the study programme with particular reference to (50 points)
1. Workplace Safety
2. Housekeeping
3. Fire Prevention and protection
4. Protective equipment and clothing
5. Management of Safety programmes
6. Civil Emergency procedures
7. Civil Defence Legislation
8. First aid and basic safety rules

In the following paragraphs I will try and include all of the relevant and pertinent points in this summary of the Safety Management course:

Workplace Safety Module
Accidents are normally caused by unsafe acts or negligence; four of the basic reasons for unsafe acts are improper attitudes ...view middle of the document...

If an accident occurs, the supervisor must not assume that it is through carelessness but conduct a thorough investigation; identify the problem and provide a remedy. He is responsible for accident prevention and should ensure that correct housekeeping procedures are carried out; he can identify an individual workers strengths and weaknesses and provide corrective training where required.
Housekeeping is a very cheap but effective means of controlling risk and reducing accidents while at the same time improving the working environment, increasing the morale of the workers and generally making for a more pleasant place to work; it is the duty of all workers to be responsible for good housekeeping however ultimately the supervisor should ensure that this is being done through routine inspections and ensuring that the workforce understand the necessity for cleanliness around the workplace. The main benefits of housekeeping are:
* Reduced operating costs
* Improved production control
* Production time is saved – everything works more smoothly
* Traffic flow is facilitated – people and vehicles can travel easily as the routes are not blocked
* Higher employee morale – motivated personnel are more productive
* Increased production – a smoother operation leads to increased output
* Materials and parts are conserved – tools are unlikely to be damaged when correctly stored and there is less likelihood of knocking something into machinery causing damage
* Space is better utilised
* Accidents are reduced – there is less chance when there is space to move and not trip, slip or fall
* Fire hazards are reduced – correct storage means that hazardous materials or excess materials are not likely to cause a fire
Other areas relevant to this module are workplace organization which works in conjunction with good housekeeping and are:
* Correct storage must be taken when dealing with hazardous liquids or gasses and correct fire prevention systems must be in place together with restricted access
* The use of colour coding to identify areas of safety and areas of danger through the use of the traffic light system
* Factory layout should make provision for clear access routes for both personnel and vehicles; access to equipment for maintenance should be easily accessible; emergency exits and fire escape routes should be clearly marked and free from obstacles
Fire Prevention and Protection
The main cause of fires are varied with faulty electricity; sparks; open flames; heated surfaces; matches and cigarettes; spontaneous ignition (combustion); chemical reactions; static electricity; friction and lightning as well as malicious damage to name but a few. That said a fire requires oxygen heat and fuel and removing just one of these will extinguish the fire.
There are many preventative measures in stopping fires from passive fire protection such as mortar coating; fire walls; and fire compartments...

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