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Disadvantages Of Science Essay

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The useful instrument of science may be used for bad purposes, No doubt with the advent of scientific era some scientific ills concurrently come with its blessings. The problem of pollution is at top of the list in this concern. Our industries are producing chemicals for rapid industrial development but at the same time what the smoke they emit is highly poisonous for every kind of life. The water, which is used in chemical plants, is dangerous for us all. Chemicals refuse is another problem. Our global environment is going to become dangerous day by day. Scientists have diverted the attention of the people of the world towards the dangerous hole of ozone layer that prevents dangerous ultraviolet sun rays to come to the earth.
The sound of factory machines is producing noise pollution, which is our hearing ...view middle of the document...

Missiles are produced in the cloth of seasonal rockets.
In this age of progress and prosperity man has become a mechanical device. He works in fixed pattern; his movements are like mechanical man. This new era has produced in man, craftiness cunningness and inhumanity. He has to take pills to rest and sleep. Man is going to be devoid of manliness.
Medical science in spite of its all boasted success has badly failed to cure some chronic diseases. Despite the hectic efforts to control floods, water is still a major natural calamity. Television, which provides recreation programs, has adversely affected the activities of youth. They gave more time to television than sports and study.
The air plane that are used to carry passengers from one place to another are effectively used for bombing over cities and other civil installations. Tanks are ever ready to trample down the crops and men. Guns see no friends or foes because whenever they are fired they bring destruction. Through factories chemical pollution is producing global warming that will ultimately bring floods and devastation.
Electronic media and printing media are the organs of propaganda of various governments; they are breeding hatred between nations and different sections of society. The obscene pictures are creating a polluted society with degenerated culture. Moral norms are also on the decline. Sex lessons are taught with lustful scenes. Carnal desires are giving spur by various methods.
Science is knowledge of observation and analyzing facts. There is nothing good or bad with science. It is like knife, which may be used to cut branches of trees or vegetables and at the same time could be used to cut the throat of a man. It is all to man how he uses it.
Pollution (air, thermal, noise, heat)
Danger to environment
Production of weapons
Loss of humanity
Deterioration of health
Enhances propaganda
Cause downfall of morality

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