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Are video games a negative or positive influence on children’s behavior and actions? Several studies have been pointing out that exposure to violence on television, movies, video games, cell phones and the Internet increases the risk of violent behavior in the viewer, like to grow in an environment filled with real violence increases the risk of violent behavior. Plentiful of the research on current media have focused on the violence spread by TV for experts in developmental psychology and John Murray of Kansas State University, United States, it is difficult to conclude otherwise than that violence on television has increased levels of violence and aggression in the society, and that video ...view middle of the document...

To achieve a certain reward, the child or young person goes into a universe where the only alternative is to kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, win or lose. It is most likely that in the coming years it even promises to combine fact with fiction in the real near future.

Some types of games broadcast, with a constancy and constant repetition, images of extreme violence, racist and sexist, sexually explicit, among others. Different studies show that violence is over-represented on the screens. The main reason for this overabundance of risk content is exclusively the spectacle. Much of the presentation of these contents is done in a manner not justified by any reason other than the maximization of the hearing and advertising requirements. The contents of the video games are much more likely to influence children and youth who have not yet matured in all cognitive and emotional. It is comparable resilience to a message that can have an adult and can, by itself, have a child. However, college students who speak used violent virtual reality games have a fast heartbeat, reported more dizziness and nausea, and further investigation, and exhibited more aggressive thoughts than those who had played a nonviolent game. As for the relationship, between video game violence, some evidence will help us focus the problem and find a spot less divided: overexposure to violent video games increases the risk that children and adults will behave aggressively in the short term behaviors that are imbued with greater force if the consumption of video games begins at an earlier age. One child who is under extreme influence of video games may overestimate the rate of real violence and believe that the society we live is characterized by a high level of violence and insecurity. For some kids, the game will help you to generate anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, nightmares, etc. In the long term, frequent exposure to scenes of violence contributes to desensitizing the viewer who is accustomed to this behavior. The research results have shown that children exposed to a violent film reacted much less rapidly than others to what they considered an altercation and took longer than others to intervene to stop it. To the extent that violence is presented has a path to success and this is in many cases, the only goal appears as a justifiable end. There are quite a few games that not only invited to fill the position with the offender, but educated in the use of perversion as a means to achieve the goal of success and power. In this sense, it is conceivable that many of the children who provide for this show is being encouraged to put in the background the morality of his behavior.

An example is a report of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics also has warned about the consequences of high levels of violent content of the screens. This acts as a factor in male aggressive behavior. Some studies claim that video games do not make kids into violent adults, but up violence...

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