Disasters Case Study

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Juvenile Crime Prevention

Adrian Hale

Washburn University

Crime Prevention CJ-340-VA
Professor Dale Finger

There are a lot of different crime prevention programs that use different approaches but share a common goal. The crime prevention programs try to anticipate, recognize, and confront crime or the different factors that add to criminal acts. The prevention of crime may be aimed toward different styles of crime which include individual, community, or location. The individual style of crime refers to trying to prevent the individual and giving resources to avoid committing crime in the first place and avoiding situations that may lead to criminal activity. The community style of crime is targeted to where everyone in the community can get involved in helping with preventing crime to make their communities safe and ...view middle of the document...

I would love to set up prevention programs in my community and if the youth are already “in the system” I would like to be able to counsel them and encourage them to teach them that there is a better life out there and that there are people that care. I personally believe that if the youth feel that someone does care then they will find the right path. So in my paper I will be looking into juvenile crime prevention programs and ways to help the youth be stronger for the future.

A youth entering the Juvenile Justice System has the opportunity to receive intervention assistance from the state (MRSC 2012). While in the care of the state the youth should be able to receive counseling, drug rehabilitation services, and education programs. Success of a juvenile justice system is measured by how affectively the youth is prepared to go back into the community and stay out of trouble and not be involved in criminal activity. Also a juvenile prevention program would be able to help youth out with education and make sure they are up to date on their education, and have job training available, and give them healthy living styles so they are able to live a safe, stable lifestyle (JDP 2008). Once a youth is out of a detention center it will be easy for them to get back into a life of crime so it is a critical point that they are given these opportunities to learn and be able to make good decisions.
A program that was developed in the 1990’s is the boot camps that were developed to teach the youth about structure and discipline.

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Washington (2012 November), retrieved April 25, 2013, from http://www.mrsc.org/public

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