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Disastrous Date Essay

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A Disastrous Dateby Gizel E. Vega OquendoI remember my first date. Not only because it was my first romantic experience with who I considered during that time "the boy of my dreams", but also because it was one of the most embarrasing experiences of my life. I was 17 years old back then, but I remember it like if it was yesterday. We took a long road trip from Carolina to the Old San Juan. Along the way we were sharing experiences and funny anecdotes, we were telling each other the kind of stories you tell in highschool, about pranks, teachers, odd classmates and issues that only a highschool student can understand.We arrived to the restaurant and everything in it looked fancy. The sights ...view middle of the document...

..".I was nervous because I had this idea back then that alcohol plays an important role in a teenager's social live. When I was in highschool, all my friends under eighteen were drinking in parties, concerts or other social events, they even brought to school alcohol hidden in gatorade bottles and such, and, as every person who have experienced the highschool drama knows, all the "cool kids" were doing it. I felt inmature because my date was about to have some kind of fancy wine while I asked for iced tea like some fifth grader girl. I will not ever forget the face he made when he heard me ask for iced tea, he had this mixture of doubt and mock in his expression, like frowning and smiling simultaneously. "Come on..." he said sarcastically while winking his eye "... I won't tell your parents you had a glass of wine or two", I stood strong to my principles by answering "no thank you, ice tea is fine", I don't know if I did it because I was being brave against the peer pressure or afraid that at some point of the night someone from the restaurant's personnel would approach me asking for an ID.The waiter came back to take our order with a tray on his hands which contained a garlic bread basket, my date's glass, a bottle of wine and a huge glass of what appeared to be my iced tea. I remember we asked that night for a pizza with eggplants, green peppers, tomato slices, onions and extra cheese with basil sauce on top, the pizza dough was dipped in olive oil and served in a hot pan. As we waited for the food to arrive I took a sip from my drink, I noticed it tasted weird, it was sour, a little bit bitter and it was also effervescent like soda, it didn't tasted like any iced tea I had before, but since we were in a fancy place and I didn't wanted to look unrefined, I assumed that's how elegant people drink their iced tea, I thought to myself that if I drank fast the taste wouldn't bother me. With the passage my drinking speed increased, a sip turned into a swig, a swig into a gulp and a gulp into three glasses. Little did I know the contents of my drink.As the glasses were draining one by one I started feeling woozy, like if I just came out from a long rollercoaster ride. My face felt warm, my respiration got colder, my tongue got tangled when I spoke, I found almost impossible to control the volume of my voice, my eyelids were struggling to remain open, and my arms and legs became droopy. Suddenly, I found myself in a good mood, laughing at each joke he told, even when they were not funny, and also I became very sincere, telling him almost every really deep and personal anecdotes and cofessing every single reason why I found him attractive in every way, I even told him, like I mentioned before, why he was the "boy of my...

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