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Disciplinary Action Essay

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Student discipline is an issue that has been and continues to remain an issue in school settings. Managing classroom discipline is an obstacle that impedes the academic performance of some students. Because all students, even those students who are disruptive in the classroom, are required to be assessed on grade level, it is imperative that they are educated just as the remainder of the student population.
Teachers have the difficult task of educating students. Educating students encompasses many factors in addition to the delivery of content. Other responsibilities of a teacher include such tasks maintaining accurate records, ensuring that modifications are applied to students with special needs, sustaining contact with parents, and employing instructional and ...view middle of the document...

Human behavior encompasses a wide spectrum of spectrum of events and activities that a human being exhibits in his lifetime. ( General Psychology, A Textbook for College Students, p.3). The Human Behavior had been based on series of events happened to him which triggers the apparent attitude of a person. Most man lives in either two-world; 1. The world-outside-the-work and the-world-inside-work, or 2. The world-outside-the-school and the-world-inside-school.

Most students have their own so called “own-world”. Two personalities had been developed in two worlds. The personalities of students are dependent into what world they are living in. The personalities of students living in the-world-inside-school had been shape of what had been put therein. The impact of their behavior is founded on motivation.

Psychologists who have analyzed motivation have found that motive has two components, need and drive. Need is based on some deficit within the person. The deficit may be physiological or psychological. In either case however, the deficit must lie within the person. Drives on the other hand, are based on needs and have added feature of an observable change in the behavior. Drives imply motion of some sort. The person is not considered to be in drive state until the need has goaded the person into action. The term motive refers to a drive (an activated need) that is directed toward or away from the goal. Therefore, the inner deficit (need) pushes the person into action (drive) toward or away from some particular goal (motive) ( General Psychology, A Textbook for College Students, p. 185).

Be it noted that disciplinary action is inherent in every school for the proper conduct and bearing of each student. The existence of school is not purely on Academic Matter but also for the promptness of the behavior of the students. There is indeed a thin line of the gravity and lightness of the disciplinary action imposed to the academic performance.

In the student life, DISCIPLINARY ACTION, had been top as one of the motives to regulate the actions and behavior of students. The gravity and lightness of disciplinary action has an equal scale as to the rating of student in the Academic performance.

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