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Discovery essay: ‘Away’ and ‘The Perks of being a wallflower’
Thesis – Individuals find that they discover the most when they trust in curiosity.

Discovery can be reconstructed by a character or lifestyle determined by interest. Individuals find that they discover the most when they trust in curiosity. Family and friends impact on personal discovery and can make an individual require different things. In the family drama Away by Michael Gow, Tom’s discovery is impacted on by his illness, family and his want for a normal life, in comparison to ‘The perks of being a wallflower’ by Stephen Chbosky, Character Charlie whose discovery is impacted on by a mental Illness and his wants for a ...view middle of the document...

The catalyst for ‘Charlie’ is his mental illness which causes him to want a normal life filled with friends and social interactions. Chbosky display’s this during the scene where Charlie makes bad choices to fit in. In the middle of the movie Charlie is seen experimenting with his peers as a result of his need for social cooperation. Charlie was curious, just like the theme of the hypothesis, so he felt pressured to experiment with drugs to fit in with his new friends. The director is showing Charlies in-experience through having his peers laugh at his question revolving drugs, making the viewer feel a sense of awkwardness for Charlie.

Discovery is usually resulted by significant experience. This is proven by Toms condition. Tom’s condition has an intense adjustment on his family. Toms discovery is that he wants the best for his family as well as living a normal everyday life before his death. This is displayed in ‘Act four, Scene three’ where Tom is acting out a play with others. Tom has discovered what its like to be happy, Gow displays this in the scene ‘Act four, scene three’ where Tom has tied everyone together in the play ‘the amateur night’ and drawn his family and friends closer together making him feel complete, normal and drama free. In comparison to Charlie from the film ‘The perks of being a wallflower’ who discovers that he needs social interactions and friends to feel happy and fulfilled. In the film viewers discover that Sam and Charlie have a connection through sexual abuse. Charlie discovers that he is not alone and social interaction eases his mental illness of anxiety and depression by making him feel less unattended. Fourty-five minutes into the film his friend ‘Sam’ confesses that she was sexually abused as a child just like Charlie. The thesis ‘Individuals find that they discover the most when they trust in curiosity’ relates to Charlie considering he trusted in his curiosity to ask Sam about her first kiss leading her to tell him about her sexual abuse encounter making them feel more connected to one another. During this particular scene the camera zoom’s up on Charlie face after Sam tells him about her abuse...

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