Discrimination Against Ne Indians Essay

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1. Abstract

2. Introduction

3. Discrimination in India

4. Discrimination against north-east people

i) Affecting the girls

ii) Affecting the students

iii) Affecting the Working people

iv) Negligence by the police and the media

v) Negligence by the government

5. Statistics and data

6. Need for a change

7. Steps for bringing a change

8. Conclusion

The purpose of the current study is to examine and enlighten on the issue of discrimination based on race and community in India with a special case study on discrimination against people from the North-East ...view middle of the document...

This implies that the general public bodies and the government are not showing enough concerns to the issue. Racial discrimination against Indians outside the country must be dealt with, but before that we must first be concerned about fixing our own home.


India, being a large country, has a huge variety of races and cultures. Although it is a good example of a country having within itself a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society, owing to this fact there have been a lot of incidences of discrimination among different groups and communities.
In India, people from one region find it difficult to go to another region with audacity. For example, north Indians are treated in a different tone in the south and so are the south Indians in the north. North -east Indians face different treatment in other parts of India, at times they are even treated as though they are outsiders. Now, isn’t this a clear sign of racial/communal discrimination?
We find, many a times, that colleagues having a superiority complex about them being fairer and an open criticism of colour difference and taunting of others in private and in public. We should realise that it is because of their ignorance and lack of values that make them to judge a person on the basis of colour or race.
If we recollect the recent past, it was telecast all over the news about the actress Shilpa Shetty’s racial discrimination and abuse in the Big brother show in the UK. There was a huge cry and protest over this in most of the European countries by the Asians. We can give a thought that these comments would have gone unnoticed in India and no tag of racial discrimination would have ever been attached to it had it been an incidence happening between two Indians of different race or community.
We all should do a job of introspection and retrospection to find the real atmosphere prevalent in India . The citizens should realise that ‘Prejudice is the rational emotion of a fool” and they should be open-minded to come out of this biased outlook and judgement.


Although there is discrimination against people from many different groups or cultures, discrimination against people from the north-east region in particular is a more pronounced case with alarming rate of incidences.
“Chak De India” – the movie came out some years back, but I am sure that a majority of us still remember these lines from it  “aapko apne hi desh mein koi mehmaan kahe to aapko kaisa lagega..?” (How will you feel if you are regarded as guests/outsiders in your own country?) The lines were uttered by two North-Eastern Indian women hockey players during their registration process in the Women’s hockey team of India. Surely, the movie dealt with other major issues but this particular line has something that needs our attention and people should give a thought about it.
It is true that girls, and even boys, from North-Eastern states like Manipur,...

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