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Discrimination Against Women Essay

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Discrimination Agrainst Women, (Legal essay)

It is said that the development of a particular society is measured by the status of woman held in that society. There was a time when women were respected as Devis. They were protected and sheltered and this status suffered a set-back from medival period onwards. Discrimination against women starts from the day a girl child is born. When a baby girl is born there is a general gloom in the family, contrary to the birth of a baby boy whose arrival on earth is celebrated with much pomp and joy. There may be few exception to this, but generally a girl is considered as a liability.

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We cannot treat these issues in isolation; they are part of a bigger picture of systemic discrimination against women. Different forms of violence against women, in different places, are all rooted in deeply ingrained social norms that portray women as less than men.
These norms, often embedded in traditional or religious discourses, create an environment where unequal treatment is acceptable. They strip away women’s autonomy denying their fundamental right to self-determination. Violence – whether in the form of beatings, bullying, forced marriage or female infanticide – becomes a tool to keep women and girls ‘in their place’.
This discrimination runs so deep that it negatively affects every aspect of women’s lives and undermines development efforts. We cannot succeed in giving girls and boys equal access to education when 60 million girls are sexually assaulted on their way to school – or even at school every year. We cannot improve maternal health when 25,000 girls are married every day before they turn 18, often leading them to bear children before their bodies are ready. We cannot expect women to contribute to the economic development of their communities when they may not even have agency within their families, or their marriage.Yet it is precisely because these norms affect every aspect of society indeed, every aspect of girls’ and women’s lives that we stand to make the most significant change by addressing them.
Discrimination Against Women in India.
Discrimination against women is probably a world-wide phenomenon. The founding fathers of our constitution ensured equality for all. Article 14 and 16 of the constitution vouch-safes this. Article 15 states that a state shall not discriminate among any citizen on the ground of sex, religion etc. Article 39 provides for all the citizens- men and women equally to have the right of adequate means of livelihood and there shall be equal pay for equal work for both men and women.
The main social legislations are:
1.) The Dowry Prohibition Act 1961
2.) The Medical Termination Pregnancy Act 1971
3.) The Child Marriage Restraint Act 1976
4.) The Equal Remuneration Act 1976.

Inspite of all these human right proclamations and various constitutional provisions enshrined in the Constitution to remove discrimination against women certain developments in India is shocking to the Psyche of every right thinking individual in India.

The recent events in Salem District in Tamil Nadu where a baby girl is killed as soon as she was born is a burning example. Large hue and cry was created on this issue by Human Right Activists and Women Organisations.

Advocate, High Court of M.P., Jabalpur Adopted a novel scheme to cope up with this situation. They have come up with a unique scheme to adopt an abandoned girl child under the scheme known as 'Cradle System' Under this scheme in every Panchyat there are certain cradles kept and anybody who feels that they do not want a baby girl...

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