Discrimination In Promotions And Hiring Essay

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Discrimination in Promotions and Hiring

A vacancy within Technology, Inc. needs to be filled; HR has decided to fill this position internally. The position requires that the candidate have certain education and experience. The duties of the position and the means to apply for the position have already been put in place as well as the deadline. This paper will discuss legislations for discrimination in promotion and hiring. It will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the legislations.

Discrimination in Promotions and Hiring
What is discrimination? Discrimination is defined treatment in favor or against a person based on the group, class, ...view middle of the document...

The Equal Pay Act or EPA of 1963 is a part of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. It is enforces by the EEOC to prohibit sex-based wage discrimination between men and women who work in the same establishment that perform similar working conditions. Two employees who perform a job with equal skill, effort, and responsibility must receive the same pay regardless of gender except in seniority, merit, quantity or quality systems. Men and woman working in the same company with equal skill should receive equal pay. Men and woman working in the same company with equal effort should receive equal pay. Men and woman working in the same company with equal responsibility should receive equal pay (Equal Pay Act, 2012).
The EPA has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the EPA is that woman no longer receive less pay for equal work, the working class used to be filled with just men and when women came to work, they were paid less. This type of action is discrimination, but by passing this law, women no longer have to deal with men being paid more just because they are me. The disadvantage of the EPA is that employers still know how to get around this law. By naming the positions different names, the employers can give a job description to a woman that is exactly the same as the one they gave to a man but with different titles, they can pay them differently. The way to combat this is to get outside auditors to audit the jobs with numbers for the skills and responsibility involved within the job. Once jobs are determined to hold the same number, should receive equal pay, regardless of who is holding the job, a man or woman.
The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA of 1990 protects current and potential employees from being discriminated against based on their disability. It protects the current and potential employees during the hiring, firing, training, compensation, and many other stages. This Act covers any employers with 15 or more employers. The disabilities include physical or mental impairment. Employees with disabilities can require reasonable accommodations including being readily accessible to the persons...

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