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Discrimination In The Workplace Essay

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When a person is not given the same opportunity or treated unfairly based on their personal characteristics it is called discrimination. Discrimination in any form should never be taken lightly and if proven can have severe consequences. At some point, every individual has most likely suffered from being discriminated against. Some forms of discrimination are illegal, especially in the workplace. I have chosen a scenario that depicts more than one form of discrimination. Maria, is a person of Latino ancestry, a second generation native-born American citizen with a graduate degree. She has been with her current company for 10 years has filed a complaint for being unfairly eliminated for ...view middle of the document...

Although her supervisor claims he is not discriminating against her, stating that ability to communicate clearly was an essential part of the job, he is making her accent and language to be part of the reason why she cannot be promoted. Her company is now showing signs of discriminatory practices, in particular her supervisor is no longer considering her experience and qualifications.
Like culture, race has similar characteristics, it includes culture (beliefs) and ethnicity, but it also breaks down biological characteristics such as color of skin, hair color/texture, and color of eyes. “Racial discrimination can often be subtle and more difficult to detect, such as an employer's failure to hire or promote an individual on account of their race. One of the more difficult aspects of racial discrimination at work, is that it can often take place entirely undetected” (“Racial Discrimination,”). Even though this type of discrimination can easily go undetected, it is also the form of discrimination that is strictly prohibited in the workplace. The reason it goes undetected so easily is, because there is no proof an individual is not being hired for a position unless it is clearly stated, and if not, the individual has no idea as to why they were not hired. However, as stated “if a lesser-qualified individual is hired or promoted to a position than an employee or applicant of another race, this could also be used as evidence of discrimination” (“Racial Discrimination,”). Unfortunately, Maria has suffered this kind of discrimination as well; her supervisor has hired Alex who is an Anglo, also has a graduate degree, but has less time with the company. Her supervisor has also claimed the individual hired is considered to be an “up and comer” making her lose out on the opportunity to be promoted.
Maria’s job consists of only White men, which are superior in her company. Maria has stated that she is not only a person of color, but also the only woman in the company. According to the EEOC “Sex discrimination involves treating someone (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because of that person's sex. The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, and any other term or condition of employment” (“Sex-Based,”). By hiring Alex, who is a white male; in the office just proves that the supervisor of the company holds men higher than women when it comes to employment opportunities. According to Bell “Sex and gender issues are critical aspects of diversity in organizations, affecting women and men from all races, ethnicities, ages, and abilities” (Diversity in Organizations, 2010. p. 251). Maria also states that her evaluations are lower than others in the company, because of her white male supervisors having biased opinions of her. By law you must respect both men and women in the workplace and pay them equally for the work they do as long...

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