Discrimination In Women And Hispanic And Native Americans

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Women should work! The '60 had had few major problems, all which affected society and made the present-day what it is currently. Mainly those problems dealt with discrimination against either women, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and the younger generation.Women's rights were one of the problems in the 1960's. Women desired to be treated like men, at least in the aspect of being able to get the same jobs, equal pay for equal work. They also wanted equal rights with not only employment but also education. Instead, they encountered sexual and racial discrimination. Sexually discriminated by white and black men and racially discriminated by whites, blacks, and other women. Women were only ...view middle of the document...

Hispanic and Native Americans also struggled with discrimination and the fight for equal rights. The Hispanic Americans were the fastest growing minority in the country. Five main groups of Hispanic Americans are Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, Central Americans, and South Americans. A political issue that arose was Hispanic's were vulnerable to exploitation. The "coyotes" were the first. The coyotes frequently robbed the immigrants, and sometimes abandoned them in the wilderness. Hispanic Americans faced discrimination from employers as the federal government's Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) put pressure on businesses not to hire undocumented immigrants. To avoid attention of the INS many employers stopped hiring people of color, Hispanic sounding names regardless of the legal status. Many families who were in need would not apply for aid for fear of being deported. Segregation was everywhere, schools, swimming pools, bathrooms. They remained segregated through this time as well. Native Americans were seen as powerless. Thirty-eight percent lived below poverty line. The response was to sue in order to reclaim land, water, and other rights lost. In 1946, Truman plans to settle all claims brought by Native Americans against the government. They were not satisfied. They received money instead of the land being restored to them. The impact was lasting, and had major effect definitely back in the 1960's. It changed the way...

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