Discrimination Laws Essay

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Anti-discrimination Laws Related to Employment

BUS 670 Legal Environment

February 17, 2014

Anti-discrimination Laws Related to Employment

An important task that leaders face is attracting and recruiting employees that are top level performers. Most companies still post bland, uninteresting job descriptions, crossing their fingers in hope that they will find the ideal individual who is an organizational fit. In addition, the most shocking aspect of this is that most business leaders focus their resources and efforts going after the 17% of candidates who are actively seeking employment, yet desire to employ the ...view middle of the document...

TD Auto Finance Advertisement

Job Title: Administrative Assistant for TD Auto Finance Vice President of Advertisement

Job Purpose: The individual will provide administrative services for office systems in accordance with procedures, policies and engage in duties required of that department to the best of their ability, within the ethical framework established as outlined in the corporate employment handbook.

Job Overview: The individual hired for this position is required to perform the duties of the Administrative Assistant to TD Auto Finance Vice President of Advertisement that includes active participation and working in partnership with the supervisor and other staff members to build and maintain an ethical climate. The position also offers opportunities for career advancement.

Administrative Assistant Duties:

• Supports and develops administrative staff by providing information, educational opportunities and experiential growth opportunities.

• Maintains, creates, and revises systems and procedures by examining operation practices, including data and record keeping systems, forms control, office layout, budgetary and personnel requirements and implementing changes.

• Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, participating in professional societies.

• Resolves administrative problems by coordinating preparation of documents, including reports, spreadsheets, analyzing data and implementing solutions

Requirements, Knowledge, Skills, and Aptitudes:

Bachelor Degree, Minimum Five Years’ Experience, Reporting skills, Administrative Writing Skills, Computer Technology Skills, Microsoft Office Skills, Managing Processes, Organization, Analyzing information, Professionalism, Problem Solving, Supply Management, Inventory Control, Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Skills.

Legal and Illegal Questions to Ask Potential Hires

The most effective hiring managers implement supportive strategies and programs that avoid discrimination to attract top performers. Seaquist (2012) postulates that company leaders should educate employees and hiring managers when designing the interview process to make sure they do not over step any boundaries. This means avoiding any questions that would be in violation of Title VII mandates, including: race, sex, national origin, disabilities, and criminal background (Seaquist, 2012). Information can be obtained with respect to the aforementioned topics as long as they fall within the legal parameters of both Title VII and state regulations.

Most experts agree that the best strategy is to pose questions that inspire and motivate the individual to speak candidly without adding stress or pressuring them into answering questions the way they believe the interviewer expects. These questions are formulated to engage the individual in feeling comfortable sharing...

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