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Discrimination, Learning Needs And Environment Essay

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As with any learning curriculum it is important for the teacher to identify the needs of the learner prior to the commencement of learning. This can be done by an initial assessment which helps us find out about our learners and identify any aspects which may go unnoticed. In this instance the student enrolling on the course with us has difficulty with written English. This information can then be shared with colleagues, help to identify specific additional support needs and enables us to begin liaising with other professionals for referring the student for assistance – this could be in the form of an interpreter or possible bi-lingual staff/colleagues. We could also refer the student to a ...view middle of the document...

58). We could do this by getting each of the learners to buddy up so they can share notes, ideas and experiences with each other which can help each other develop quicker.
2.2 An example of promoting inclusive learning is when you have ascertained your learners’ needs, the teacher/trainer can introduce group work where the group interacts with each other over a period of time, which can also reduce the chances of discrimination amongst peers for any reason. We can, as stated above, identify if modifications or changes are required to our delivery of the course material, and utilise resources and materials which positively promote all aspects of equality and diversity.
It is important to encourage and promote appropriate behaviour within the learning environment as this reduces the chance of individual(s) feeling excluded. For example the student on this course struggles with written English, and therefore may be subject to exclusion from group or team activities if the teacher/trainer does not address the learners’ different learning abilities. The teacher/trainer needs to become a positive role model for all students to show demonstrate that not everyone is the same, but they all have different experiences, needs and abilities. To do this they must demonstrate that they are not judgemental and treat all learners with equal respect and dignity.
As part of the induction on the first day of learning, the teacher/trainer can outline the ‘group rules’ or ground rules which are to be adhered to at all times. In this instance it must include zero tolerance with regards to bullying, discrimination and or stereotyping. This can then be displayed at all times within the learning...

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