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Discus The Relationship Of Atticus To His Children. Compare This With A Parent/Child Relationship

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To Kill a Mocking Bird

Discus the relationship of Atticus to his children. Compare this with a parent/child relationship.

Atticus Finch is a single parent and lawyer who is upright and tolerant to differences. Atticus is the same way with his kids, Scout and Jem. At the beginning of this book Scout is 6 and Jem is 10 years old. Unlike most children Jem and Scout don’t call their father “father”. Jem and Scout call their father by his first name, Atticus. Atticus is a very loving father to his children but he also has a very unusual relationship with his kids.
Atticus is a lawyer in Maycomb and when he goes to work he leaves his kids home with the house keeper, Calpurnia. Scout and ...view middle of the document...

Nathan Radley because he said that the tree was sick (pg. 62). When Atticus came home that day Jem asked Atticus if the tree was sick and dying and Atticus said, “Why no, son, I don’t think so. Look at the leaves, they’re all green and full, no brown patches anywhere.” (pg.63). Atticus could have just said “No the tree’s not sick” like a lot of hard working parents would do after a long day of work. Atticus took the time to explain why it was sick. During the Tom Robinson case Scout asks Atticus, “What’s rape?” Atticus looks around for a second and then answers that rape is carnal knowledge of a female by force without consent (pg. 135). For adults who are asked sexual questions form their young kids would usually say “When you’re older you’ll understand”. Instead of Atticus answering like that he was upright and honest to Scout.
When Jem and Scout disobeyed Atticus or did something they weren’t suppose to, Atticus didn’t discipline them by hitting them like most parents did back then. When Atticus caught Jem, Scout and Dill writing a note to Boo Radley saying they wanted him to come out. Atticus told the kids that they had to stop tormenting Boo and leave him alone and that what he does is none of their business (pg.49). When Christmas time came, Atticus’s family got together for dinner. Earlier that year Scout had promised Atticus she wouldn’t fight anymore (pg. 77), but when her cousin Francis called her a nigger lover, Scout punched him in the face. Scout’s uncle Jack was the one to punish her and he did it by spanking her (pg.85). Scout then ran to Atticus for comfort but Atticus did tell Scout she had it coming (pg. 85). Later that night Atticus told Jack he had never laid a hand on Scout because, “She minds me as well as she can” (pg. 88). Jem and Scout look up to Atticus as their role model and they want to be just like...

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