Discuss About Abortion And Its Methods

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Abortion is a topic that which brings with it much debate and controversy, whether it bebetween peers or cultures. It seems also that feelings are disparate and of polar opposites and people tend to cling to one pole without regard for the opposite opinion. Arguments for and against abortion tend to be rooted deep in moral or religious beliefs, with some feeling that it is their body, therefore they should do a they please, while others argue concern for the living baby within the mother. Akin to the numerous feelings regarding abortion are numerous methods in which on can abort a pregnancy, all of which are correspondent with the amount of time elapsed within the pregnancy.Prior to delving ...view middle of the document...

An often neglected but highly important part of abortion is the role in which the manplays. The text is unique in this analysis of men's emotions and decisions as this is quite often neglected. Though men have usually discussed the issue of abortion with the mother of the child, it is reported that many men feel helpless as it is ultimately the woman's decision. Following the abortion a common emotional response of the male is anger both at themselves and their partner (Hyde, DeLamater, 2003). Men, however, try to hide their emotions rather than discuss them openly as many women do (Hyde, DeLamater, 2003). This is perhaps why it is reported that women often overcome their feelings within a year of having an abortion, while men tend to hang on to their emotions longer (Hyde, DeLamater, 2003).As different are the emotions over abortion are the ways in which the abortion issucceeded. It is recommended hat the pregnancy be terminated within the fist trimester as this is when it is the easiest and of least danger to the mother. The most common method of abortion during the first trimester is vacuum aspiration; this occurs when a suction device is inserted into the vagina and dilates the cervix which is followed by suction that removes all the fetal matter (Hyde, DeLamater, 2003). Similar to vacuum aspiration is dilation and evacuation (D and E) the significant difference between the former and the latter is the latter is performed in a hospital under general anesthetic and thus can be done later in pregnancy, perhaps up to 20 weeks (Hyde, DeLamater, 2003). Had the abortion not been succeeded by the beginning of the second trimester induced labor would need to occur. This is achieved by filling the amniotic sac with a saline fluid which causes the sac to erupt creating contractions in the uterus thus expelling the fetus (Hyde, DeLamater, 2003). A less sought after method of abortion is a hysterectomy which can be doneanywhere from 16-24 weeks. In this operation the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes areremoved similar to a caesarian section. This procedure is not as popular as it is very costly, over 1000 dollars, and more risky than those previously discussed, many women have died due to complications during their procedure (Hyde, DeLamater, 2003).Doctors and patients who engage in abortive measures to deal with pregnancy are notmet, however, with out great resistance. Many pro- life movements have arisen that fight for the rights belonging to the fetus (Hyde, DeLamater, 2003). Contrasting American society where abortion is virtually a spoken taboo among many with that of Greece a striking relationship is discovered. Greece by far holds the largest abortion rate in Europe and this is justified under the pretext of controlling family size (Hyde, DeLamater, 2003). Abortion is so common in Greece it is looked upon as another form of contraceptive if the one in use fails. Further more in Ekiti, Yoruba abortion is rather common among college students and...

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