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Discuss: Far From Bring A Book Only About Girls, Looking For Alibrandy Is Relevant For All Adolescents, Regardless Of Gender

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Looking for AlibrandyThe issues raised in the novel 'Looking for Alibrandy' are relevant for all adolescents, regardless of gender. Josie, John and Jacob are all in their final year of school and each of them experiences the highs and lows most adolescents go through. However, because we view the action through the eyes of 17-year-old Josie the book may be more easily identifiable for girls than boys.The search for identity is one of the main themes in 'Looking for Alibrandy.' Josie, John and Jacob are all trying to find out who exactly they are and where they ...view middle of the document...

John is captain of St Anthony's. Josie and others made out John to be a happy spirited person who could never possibly have any faults in his life. But on the inside, John Barton is frustrated, depressed and scared that his life is being planned out for him. John has a lot of pressure during his last school year, the pressure to succeed and to always be a winner, in reward he would feel the love and acceptance of his father. John hated his life and decided to end it by suicide, he had no sense of identity.Jacob attends a public school he is intelligent, laidback and lives in Redfern with his father. After meeting Josie and spending time with her he became sexually attracted, therefor very attached. Like in most teenagers relationships 'Looking for Alibrandy' is relevant for both genders, as jealousy becomes a big part of the relationship. In the novel and example of jealousy was at the movies when John and Josie went to see Macbeth and unintentionally ran in to Jacob (pg 188.) This caused a great deal of conflict between Josie and Jacob then not much later on they saw themselves on different paths and decided to put the relationship to an end. Jacob is the rebellious type he will do anything to have a bit of fun, but Jacob is also confused and has to figure out what he wants out of his life.

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