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Discuss If An Accurate Dsm Iv Diagnosis Is Made Treatment Is Straight Forward

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Even if an accurate early diagnosis using the DSM-IV has been made to confirm a childhood disorder, treatment is not necessarily guaranteed to be straight forward. In fact there are a lot of prevailing factors which may determine or impede the success of any given treatment no matter how eclectic it may be. While an early accurate diagnosis is imperative for maximum benefit, treatment must be adapted and changed to suit a child's ever changing needs and situations.This essay will attempt to argue both sides of the statement that once a diagnosis has been made treatment will be straight forward, it will also explain how the treatment for child and adolescent eating disorders, and pervasive ...view middle of the document...

According to Robin, Gilroy and Dennis (1998), a particular difficulty with the DSM-IV diagnosis of child and adolescent eating disorders is that the diagnostic criteria is not developmentally sensitive to a young person's varying growth patterns. In this case the DSM-IV may be detrimenmental to the correct diagnoses of anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa, as a young person suffering from this condition may not be displaying all of the symptoms the DSM-IV requires to fit the diagnosis. The treatment for an eating disorder could rarely be considered to be straight forward, in fact it is a particularly difficult disorder to treat (Keltner, Schwecke and Bostrom, 1995). This is due to the majority of young people who suffer from these disorders receiving treatment under duress. The individual is more than likely to have a completely distorted perception of their body size and are fiercely reluctant to accept the fact that they are not fat even when they are dangerously emaciated. To have any chance of success the practitioner delivering the treatment must establish a trusting non threatening relationship with the individual, ( Keltner Schwecke and Bostrom, 1995). Even if the individual is a willing participant in their treatment, a treatment plan is still likely to have it's ups and downs as moods and circumstances are sure to change. A person suffering from an eating disorder is also likely to have underlying psychological issues, such as the effects of sexual abuse, depression or anxiety disorders, that may predispose such disorders and may hinder treatment, family influences may also play a large role in the success or the failure of treatment for these conditions (Keltner et al,1995).When considering disorders such as those of the autism spectrum, early detection in toddlers and preschool-aged children is important as it can greatly influence the outcome. Unfortunately however, many parents are reluctant to admit there may be something not quite right with their child's development or genuinely do not realise that their child is different than the norm until it is pointed out to them. In these cases diagnosis may be inadvertently delayed, in turn severely compromising the degree of success for treatment. Therefore an accurate DSM-IV is vital and an early diagnosis preferable, once the diagnosis has been established a treatment plan that is best suited to the child can be put in place. However, again it can not be said that once this diagnosis has been made treatment will be straight forward, as there are so many ways to educate a child with one of these disorders as well as being so many variations of the disorder itself ( Mash & Wolfe, 2002). Autism causes diverse deviations in social and communicational abilities and stereotypical patterns of behaviour and interests which cause the afflicted child to display at least some degree of detachment towards significant others ( Mash et al,2002).Autism can be a frightening and confusing condition...

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