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. Discuss The Perceptions Of The Constituent Assembly Regarding The Future Of Indian Polity

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.  Discuss the perceptions of the Constituent Assembly regarding the future of Indian Polity.


To know the perceptions of the framers of the Indian Constitution about the future Indian Polity, we have to go back to Nehru Report which published in 1928. This report is the “Blue Print of the Indian Constitution”. In fact, Nehru Report was the outcome of the Indians themselves trying for the first time to frame their own Constitution. It embodied almost all the perceptions which later on were included in the Indian Constitution. On Dec 13’1946, Prof. J. Nehru presented the Objective Resolution before the Constitution Assembly. It included all those aims and aspirations of ...view middle of the document...

For instance, the provision of multi-party system and of free competition among various political parties was made, the principle of majority rule has been accepted, and the Judiciary has been made independent and so on.

C-      Democratic Socialism-

The framers of the Indian constitution were considered that the solution to the social and economic problems of the country lay in the adoption of socialism. But we must know that the basis of Indian socialism is neither the philosophy of Marxian Socialism by democratic means nor the respect & dignity of the individual is of the highest value for us. Out target is to end all economic inequalities by democratic means & to meet the basic needs of all the people in the country.

D-     Secularism-

The framers of the Indian Constitution very well knew that the solution to the problems of different religions in India lay in the adoption of secularism. Secularism ensures the development of all religions. It teaches the people, the noble ideal of tolerance and co-existence and thus assures security to the religious minorities. Hence, because of the above cited factors the Indian Constitution grants freedom of religious to all its citizens. It also ensures the end of all sorts of discriminations based on religion. No tax in the name of religion can b derived by the state. Religious education in government educational institution has been banned.

E-      Republic-

The framers of the Indian Constitution, was to make India a republic. Republic is that form of government in which the supreme authority vests with the people and their representatives. The supreme executive head of the republic is elected directly or indirectly by the people of the state for a fixed tenure. Thus, we have rejected the idea of the establishment of a monarchial form of government in India.

F-      Parliamentary Government-

The framers of the Indian Constitution believed in the establishment of a Parliamentary form of government both at the centre and state level because the people of India had the experience of working the limited form of Parliamentary Government as established in India through the Government of India Acts of 1919 &1935. Further, the efficiency of this form of government can be put to test from time to time. 

G-     Federal Polity With Strong Centre-

The framers of the Indian Constitution were of the view that with the formation of separate state of Pakistan the demand for further separation will be end. Because of this factor the makers of the Constitution were in the beginning in favor of giving more powers to states than the one to the Centre and also favored the idea of giving the residuary powers to the federating units. But after the attainment of independence, such conditions arose that the separate tendencies again rose their ‘ugly head and the unity and integrity of the Indian Union was again endangered. Kashmir was attacked by the tribal raiders...

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