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Discuss The Similarities Of Both Curly’s Wife And Crooks In The Novel Of “Of Mice And Men”

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Hiba Ayoub Year 10B 22-03-14Discuss the similarities of Both Curly's wife and Crooks in the novel of "Of Mice and Men".Despite the obvious physical differences, the characters of Curly's wife and Crooks are in fact very similar. They both battle with the consequences of loneliness, this a result of social isolation brought upon differences of race and gender. In this essay, I will discuss some of these similarities in more detail using evidence from the novel to support my statements.Crooks is discriminated against because he is black. Similarly, Curly's wife is discriminated against because she is a woman. This is shown when crooks opens up to Lennie about being excluded from the card game. This is also illustrated when Curly's wife is asked to leave as she barges in on Lennie, Crooks and Slim. "I can't play because I'm black". "What, you think I'm a kid". Portraying the racial inequality the time in which the novel was written, Crooks is isolated by the other characters because he ...view middle of the document...

For Crooks, this is highlighted when he gives Lennie a speech about his unimportance among the ranch, "a guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody". This depicts the severity of his loneliness, despite his intelligence he is not spoken to or befriended because he is different.Crooks and curly's wife both use power over other people to try to feel important. This is portrayed when Crooks asks Lennie how he would feel if George never came back, "Crooks pressed forward some kind of private victory". This suggests that Crooks is abusing the mental capacity of Lennie as he makes him feel the loneliness he feels when he is excluded within the ranch. For Curly's wife, this is highlighted when she threatens to kill Crooks. "Nigger, I could get you strung upon a tree so easy it ain't even funny". This illustrates the advantage of being Curly's, although she portrayed as an outsider (the absence of her name) she is ideally one of the most valuable members of the ranch. We choose to forget she is the boss' son's wife after all.Steinbeck makes us sympathetic for both Crooks and Curly's wife. This is evident when Curly's wife argues with Crooks and Lennie to let her stay with them as they wait for the others to get back from the pub, "Think I don't like to talk to somebody ever' once in a while?" The author has amplified the idea of Curly's wife being a lonely woman seeking for her husband's attention while he runs around looking for a brawl. This creates a sympathetic connection between the readers and the character, making the readers view her in a different way. For Crooks' character, this is shown when Crooks stared hopelessly at Curly's wife after he asked her to leave. "Well, you keep your place then, nigger." This creates a feeling of sympathy with the reader as it is a reminder of Crooks' place in society; he is put down and judged based on his colour.In conclusion, Crooks and Curly's wife represent different sectors within the community yet they present with similar emotions as they are over thrown by the generic white males that make up most of the population. These characters are outsiders in the novel as they are outside the novel; this is done by the author deliberately to represent the different elements within the population of America at the time in which the novel was written.

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