Discussing The Differences In Competencies Of Adn Versus Bsn

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Discussing the Differences in Competencies of AND vs. BSN
Norma Gill
Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V
November 10, 2013

There was a time when a being Registered Nurse (RN) was sufficient and society did not express concerns on how an education was obtained. The baccalaureate nursing program is considered to be the beginning level of professional nursing. The nursing profession is often confusing mainly because of the various entry levels into the nursing field (Creasia & Reid, 2011 p 25). The ways it can be received are from a hospital diploma program, community college or four-year university. Nursing is a wonderful and humbling profession and it is often a self-disciplined one. ...view middle of the document...

Nurses are part of a team with many members having graduate degrees.
The need to acquire higher education to recognize the complexity of care to patients and their families requires nurses not to be the least educated within the roles they play as part of the interdisciplinary team (Rosseter, 2012).
The baccalaureate nursing program is becoming the preferred educational degree for many institutions because of the many diversified and complex roles that nurses partake. Therefore, it is critical for nurses to broaden their education to improve the quality of life for patients. Not only does having a baccalaureate create more educated nurses, but it improves patient safety and produces a decrease in patient mortality and provides an increase in positive outcomes for patients (Rosseter, 2012).
The BSN program is usually at least four years in length and is comprised of not only focusing on patient and clinical skills, but nurses receive education in sciences, research, humanities, public and community health, liberal arts and nursing research. By obtaining this increased education allows the nurse to prepare themselves for a more advanced and professional level of nursing. Nurses who have a four year degree are able to differentiate the many different facets of nursing which may include cultural diversity, ethnic, economic and social issues. The BSN prepared nurse is highly trained and regarded as a respectable member of an interdisciplinary team.
To better demonstrate the competency of an ADN versus BSN, a patient situation will be represented. Hypothetically, it is the third shift and nurses are receiving report from prior shift. Both nurses are assigned to patients and working together as a team. Patient Jane Doe was admitted two days ago with complaint of abdominal pain, however the patient has also been complaining of a bad headache along with minimal abdominal pain.
Patient is scheduled for several labs and tests to rule out any serious problems. The doctor is aware of headache and orders have been given for pain.
The ADN goes into patient’s room to introduce self to and assess patient, patient states that pain level for headache is 10/10 on a pain level of 0-10. Nurse administers 75 mg of Demerol to patient via intravenously....

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