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According to your textbook, what are the dates for Jesus’ birth and death?
Jesus’ birth is one of the most remarkable and glorious activities to ever take place on earth. There has always been speculation surrounding the exact birth date of our Lord and Savior. December 25th has been assigned and universally recognized as the birth of Christ. According to the text, although no definitive concensus was met to explicitly state when Jesus was born, it is a toss-up between Matthew’s account of Jesus birth and Luke’s account. Based on Matthew 2:1, “Now after Jesus was born in Bethleham of Judea in the days of Herod the King, behold, wise men from the east came to Jerusalem…” in juxtaposition Luke 1:5 has nothing to do with Jesus’ birth, but rather John the Baptist’s. [1]
What are the critical datum we use to attain these dates?
Moreover, the text settles on the notion that Jesus birth was possibly around 4 BC. ...view middle of the document...

It is acknowledged that, “Jesus was probably born between 6 and 4 BC… and began his public ministry around AD 29. His ministry apparently lasted about three and a half years and included three or four Passover celebrations. His crucifixion probably occurred in AD 33” (Kostenberger, The Cradle, The Cross, and the Crown, 143).
Give a short chronology of Jesus’ life
Using the book of Matthew as my premise, chapter 1 of Matthew highlights Christ’s birth, Chapter 2 shows the circumstances of Jesus birth, Chapter 3 John the Baptist makes the unparalleled announcement of Jesus as the Messiah, Chapter 4 records Jesus ability and divine power over Satan’s weak attempt to test him as well his journey of teaching and preaching throughout Galilee, Chapters 12 -19 highlights the change of trajectory of Jesus ministry and highlights the growing sentiment of hate, rejection and ultimately Jesus’ betrayal, Chapter 26-28 culminates the whole mission, message and meaning of Christ’s birth, life and resurrection (John MacArthur, Matthew, 2007)
How does the Gospel of Matthew depict the birth and youth of Jesus. What is the primary purpose of Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus?
I feel that Matthew depicted Jesus birth as a true royal affair. He begins his book with the genealogy of Jesus to prove, in my opinion that Jesus was truly of royal blood and then he commences to describe in vivid detail with a strong emphasis on the divine spiritual nature working in between the lines of Jesus birth how his mother, Mary and earthly father, Joseph were a part of the heavenly master plan. Matthew’s quest based on textual reading, was to connect and solidify through Old Testament proof that Jesus Christ was truly the long anticipated King of the World, namely for the Jews especially. Matthew wanted to glorify Christ’s birth and reception into the world as a spiritual occurrence first then as a natural order of events for us as God’s creation to understand and relate to (Kostenberger, The Cradle, The Cross, and the Crown, 196)

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