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Discussion Quality Care From Provider And Patient Perspective

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Quality of care has always been a concern in the U.S. health care system. Although great strides have been made to improve the quality of care delivered, many critics still believe that the United States has a long way to go before truly delivering uniform quality care.

How would you define quality of care from the provider and patient perspectives?
Why do you feel that quality can be viewed as a strength and a weakness of the U.S. health care system?
Be sure to provide at least 2 reasons for this, and use properly cited references in your answer.

Quality of care is basically when the right care is conducted at the right time, at a reasonable

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Other parts of the experience that are worthy of notice that can be

considered as good quality of care from a patient’s perspective would be if they were

treated fairly and type of environment they were exposed to.

Quality of care that is virtuous from a provider’s perspective is the same as mentioned above

and then some because of the other responsibilities that is attached to their profession.

Good quality of care from a physician’s perspective is care that is appropriate to the

desires and choices of the patient. Good quality of care will not initiate harm to their patient

and care is given without unwarranted interruptions. This also includes providing the effective

care for the illness, providing tests and procedures and what they can do to improve the quality

of care they give to their patient.

We have a system that has a number of strengths but also glaring deficiencies. Quality

can be viewed as strength because our health care system continues to strive to improve in

all aspects of health care. Our strengths include having the most robust research enterprise

of any nation. That is seen by the development of new drugs and etc. An example is a drug

that was approved in October if 1989 to treat the AIDS virus. Fast forward to today, there

are now about 30 different drugs to treat the virus. Those with the virus were only expecting

to live a few months are now living 12 to 15 to 18 years, raising families, working productive

citizens. Both our basic science that are conducted at the National Institution of Health and

Universities and the translation of that science into new medicines by our drug and medical

device industries.

We also have a very strong medical education system because we have individuals who

come all over the world the United States for training that is now available in their respective

countries. In spite of the criticism the FDA receive, many of them a due to the fact that they

are not given sufficient resources by the federal government to do the job that it needs but in

spite of that, they have a good system. We also have the best preventive agency in the world

(the Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

We have all this but we also have a system to where they costs...

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