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Week 1 Discussion Questons
What’s Bothering Trevor
Cost is something that everyone dislikes when it comes to seeing a doctor. I know from experience what it's like not to have health insurance. I thought I would be able to get Obama Healthcare however I was told I don't make enough hours so I have no insurance. If I was in Trevor shoes I would have chose option 1 to pay $150 to see my PCP. Trevor might not have the money at the time of his visit, if that is the case the doctor office just might work out a payment plan with Trevor. Trevor have to think about what would be best for him and his family.

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Trevor wants the best quality of care possible, so he must listen to the healthcare professional in regards with the instructions of his treatments. Trevor must make sure he follows all of the doctor orders in order to get better. Trevor and his wife need to make sure they understand what the doctor is telling him to do. If Trevor choose not to follow the doctor orders his health my get worse. 

Revolutionary Influences
I chose the Early American Medicine (1700s). Back in this time Native Americans believed in herbal remedies. Our bodies are self healing machines. If you notice when we get cuts or get burned we bleed and scab up that's our healing process. When I was a child we only went to the doctor when we needed shots. When we got sick my grandmother would give us one of her home remedies. I remember when we got chicken pox she would make us drink red rock ginger ale and rub us down with calamine lotion, the ginger ale would bring the chicken pox out of our bodies and the lotion would help us with the itching. I remember putting vicks on my chest and under my feet when I had a cold. When my grandmother did this things I use to think it was a crazy idea, however to this day I still do her home remedies. When I get a cold I call my mom so that she can make me some of my grandmother medicine and it works better than the cough syrup they sell at Walmart or other drug stores. I don't think all medicine is good for us just because the doctor tells us to take it we have to consider all the side effects. I prefer home remedies over medicine. 

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