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Discussion Questions 1-9 pg. 329-330

1. Discuss some of the examples of poor quality in information technology projects presented in the 'What Went Wrong?" section. Could most of these problems have been avoided? Why do you think there are so many examples of poor quality in information technology projects?

Many of these problems could be avoided by performing better quality management. One problem is that software and hardware is hitting the market too fast, so people selling these might be more concerned about money than safety or wellbeing of the consumers or the company in the long term.

2. What are the main processes included in project quality management?

The main processes of project quality management include 1.) Development of the project management quality plan, 2.) Quality Assurance and 3.) Quality Control.

3. How do functionality, system outputs, performance, reliability, and maintainability requirements affect ...view middle of the document...

Benchmarking generates ideas for quality improvements by comparing specific project practices or product characteristics to those of other projects or products within or outside the performing organization.

5. What are the three main categories of outputs for quality control?

The three main categories of outputs for quality control are 1.) Acceptance decisions, 2.) Rework, and 3.) Process adjustments.

6. Provide examples of when you would use the Seven Basic Tools of Quality on an information technology project.

To locate the root cause of a system problem, determine if a process is out of control, to perform trend analysis and forecast future outcomes, to analyze how problems occur and how processes can be improved.

7. Discuss the history of modern quality management. How have experts such as Deming, Juran, Crosby, and Taguchi affected the quality movement and today's use of Six Sigma?

These experts have made quality a visible criterion that companies strived to achieve. Awards have been established to seek quality and reward those who have achieved it. Quality projects have been used to meet customer expectations instead of only company needs. A wider scope of what quality is and isn't has been developed to provide benchmarking criteria for businesses. Pointing out the cost of poor quality will give motivation to companies and increase their desire for quality. U.S. businesses observed BOTH the emphasis on quality in other nations AND those nations' successes in the marketplace. It was the economic success attributable to the emphasis on quality that made U.S. companies sit up and take notice.

8. Discuss three suggestions for improving information technology project quality that were not made in this chapter.

Some ideas would be providing better training for people in information technology to produce better quality, providing incentives for meeting quality goals, establishing minimum quality requirements for specific IT products, and so on.

9. Describe three types of software that can assist in project quality management.

You can use spreadsheet software, databases, charting software, statistical software, and other programs to assist in project quality management.

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