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Disease Trends And The Delivery Of Health Care Services Paper

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Disease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services Paper
Johnny Williams III
September 29, 2013
Jessica Grippo

Johnny Williams III
HCA/240 Week Eight
September 29, 2013
Jessica Grippo

What the current age composition of the U.S. population looks like. Today the age composition is made up of about 12.9% of the American population. This means that there are 1 and every 8 persons in America that are elderly. Americans are living longer than that of the past with the baby boomers being a generation that have been able to celebrate seeing their 60th Birthday.
The current age composition of the U.S. population will increase drastically in the next 20 years ...view middle of the document...

One relevant disease or such health risk will be the developing of aortic aneurysms. The aortic aneurysms occur and usually develop after age 50. The Aneurysm was a result of atherosclerosis this was one of the most common causes.
Another disease that will increase with age that we have talked about in this course is that of Alzheimer’s disease the onset of this disease occurs around mid-age and begins to increase from there. Memory loss, moody and indigent is an early sign of this disease. The environment of the person suffering this disease will really play an important part.
What can be done to reduce health issues that are related to aging? The first thing that can be done is to be able to promote and get people to participate in a healthier life style that will help to promote a better health in older people. Another way is to offer an increase of available preventive care.
Obesity in the United States after to looking that rates looks to be and is becoming a big problem. The current rate of obesity in the United States is around 35.7% are obese. What that breaks down in race is that according to the CDC is that African American has the highest obesity at 49.5% then that of Hispanic with a rate of 39.1% and white 34.3%. This explains why that most of the disease that African American struggle with is mostly due to the obesity. Diabetes obesity increases the chances of having the disease, cardiac disease, high blood pressure and many more. The rate that obesity is currently in the United States the outlook for the future with obesity does not look to get any...

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