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Disk Management And Maintenance Essay

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Having a reliable storage for people to save their files, documents or projects at is important because if they do put it into storage they know they might or will need later. Losing important work stuff can cause a lot of trouble with the bosses or the managers because the company will be losing money while the employee has to redo the work that was done in the given time. This will also fall on my shoulders because I’m responsible for the quality of my work, which includes keeping the hard disk as reliable as possible and backing up the data if possible.
One of the ways to achieve reliability on the hard disk is by doing occasional disk cleaning. Microsoft has a tool called Disk Cleanup ...view middle of the document...

I can also create a schedule for this tool to defragment the disk any time I want. Which is also great because then I don’t even have to worry about having to check the disk for fragments.
Diskpart is also one of the ways to make the hard disk perform better. It shapes the hard disk into partitions which can have different information on them. This particular tool allows the user to create a basic or a dynamic disk. Basic drive is basically a hard drive that’s divided into different parts and can store different information. Dynamic drive is also divided into different parts but it has more levels to it. Though this tool is advance and has many features it also is easy to mess up the hard drive with it. It lacks in security setups that keep the user away from damaging the configurations of the hard drive. So before using this tool it is important to have a clear understand f how it works and what the outcomes are if something goes wrong.
Disk management console allows the user to change disk between various types and partition styles. If in need to add new hard drives this is the tool that helps accomplish that. If user has a hot-swappable backplane and array he doesn’t even have to shut the system down. However if the user has conventional drives he will need to shut the system down. Initializing the disk will require setting the disk online first. When the new disk is online, the Initialize Disk dialog box will automatically display when you start Disk Management. When initializing...

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