Disney Sustainable Practices Essay

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The Walt Disney Company is the world's largest media conglomerate. Disney’s assets extend into movies, television, publishing, and theme parks. The Disney/ABC Television Group includes the ABC television network and 10 broadcast stations, as well as a portfolio of cable networks including ABC Family, Disney Channel, and they own eighty percent of ESPN. Walt Disney Studios produces films through Walt Disney Pictures, Disney Animation, and Pixar, and its Marvel Entertainment is a film producer and top comic book publisher. In addition, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts operate the company's popular theme parks including Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The primary environmental challenges ...view middle of the document...

2) Champion the happiness and well-being of kids, parents and families in our endeavors. 3) Inspire kids, parents, employees and communities to make a lasting, positive change in the world. With these core principles forming the foundation, The Walt Disney Company has established four quantifiable sections pertaining to their environmental responsibility goals for the company, as well as all affiliates within their supply chain:
1) Climate and Energy
Disney Goal: Reduce electricity consumption by ten percent compared to 2006 baseline in existing assets by 2013.
Supply Chain/Affiliate Goal: Ask all companies/affiliates that are contracted with the Walt Disney Company to reduce their energy consumption by five percent by 2015.

The Walt Disney Company continues to upgrade existing lighting and HVAC systems in accordance to the EPA Energy Star Buildings program. Since Disney’s conservation efforts began in 1996, the Walt Disney World- Orlando, FL resort has resulted metered annual reductions of approximately 100 million kwh of electricity and 1 million therms of natural gas. Disney accomplished this through the implementation of the Energy Star Tool Bag which was created for cast members (Disney employees). Cast members were given a checklist of certain conservation practices to adhere to within offices, kitchens, convention centers, and guest rooms. Disney World developed an Energy Star Team that met on a monthly basis to collaborate on past and present energy conservation goals.

2) Waste
Disney Goal: Decrease solid waste to landfill to fifty percent of 2006 baseline level by 2013.
Supply Chain/Affiliate Goal: Ask all companies/affiliates that are contracted with the Walt Disney Company to reduce their solid waste to landfill by twenty five percent by 2015
In 2006, The Walt Disney Company’s parks and resort segment generated 298,000 tons of total waste. 170,000 tons were sent to landfill. Disney has taken various steps to meet their goals of decreasing solid waste to landfill to 50% of 2006 baseline levels and increase their percentage purchases that include post-consumer recycled material. In 2008, Disney set a merchandise bag standard that recommends plastic bags be made from post-consumer recycled material and paper bags be made from Forest Stewardship Council-approved pulp. For Disney’s studio environments, they have adopted the ABC television “Set Reuse Program” which recycles nearly 80% of wood and 100% of metal products from sets.

3) Ecosystems
Disney Goal: Develop and implement an integrated approach to design, engineering, and habitat protection for all new construction projects by 2010.

Disney has also implemented various measures to “green magic.” The five railroads that circle the property use soy-based biodiesel to fuel their steam boilers. The Mark Twain Riverboat burns a blend of cooking oil biodiesel. In way of new construction, Disney’s research and development have devised mathematical...

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