Disneyland Success Essay

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Title: Industry Profile – Tour & Travel Operation Disney
HMGT 1101- 7404
Name: Joann Liew
Instructor: Prof. Susan Phillip
Date: November 20nd, 2011

Disney is regarded as one of the excellent corporation. According to Jeff Kober, the author of “We Create Happiness”, “Disney creates happiness by providing the finest in entertainment for people of all ages, everywhere." Its mission is just that simple. Disney is an outstanding example of a company that has maintained its competitive advantage by routinely making wise decisions about what resources and capabilities to acquire, invest in, and develop. Further, Disney has exhibited an uncanny ability to successfully make ...view middle of the document...

They have become the global village that was described a few years ago.

According to the article, “The Detailed Introduction of Interesting Disney” by Keely Smith, “To make the most of Disneyland - the ultimate escapist fantasy and the blueprint for imitations worldwide - throw you right into it. Don't think twice about anything and go on every ride you can. The high admission price includes them all, although during peak periods each one can entail hours of queuing. Remember, too, that the emphasis is on family fun; the authorities take a dim view of anything remotely anti-social and eject those they consider guilty.”

According to the article, “The Disney Way,” over four hundred "Imaginers" worked to create the Indiana Jones Adventure; Disneyland's biggest opening in years. Two hours of queuing are built into the ride, with an interactive archeological dig and 1930s-style newsreel show leading up to the main feature – “a giddy journey along 2500ft of skull-encrusted corridors in which you face fireballs, falling rubble, venomous snakes and, inevitably, a rolling boulder finale. Disney claims that, thanks to computer engineering, no two Indiana Jones rides are ever alike.”( (Bill Capodagli, Lynn Jackson 2001)

Among the best of the older rides are two in Adventure land: the Pirates of the Caribbean, a boat trip through underground caverns, singing along with drunken pirates; and the Haunted Mansion, a riotous "doom buggy" tour in the company of the house spooks. Tomorrowland is Disney's vision of the future, where the Space Mountain roller coaster zips through the pitch-blackness of outer space, and the Star Tours ride simulates a journey into the world of George Lucas. The Skyway cable-car line that connects Tomorrow land with the clever but cloyingly sentimental Fantasyland is the only spot in the park from which you can see the outside world. As for accommodation, try to visit Disneyland just for the day and spend the night somewhere else. Most of the hotels and motels nearby cost well in excess of started at $70 up per night.

From the New York Times News, “Not Just Cruise Ship Anymore” by Edwin Mcdowell, when Disney Cruise Line entered the cruise business in 1999, they made cruising a genuine "family" experience. Up until that point, most cruise lines focused mostly on adults, with very little consideration to younger members of the family. When the Disney Wonder launched in August of 1999, it redefined the cruise...

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